Damage Control? Apple sends 'The Morning Show' season 1 to reviewers early

Is Apple panicking about poor reviews?

Apple "The Morning Show"

Source: Apple (Image credit: Apple)
What you need to know

• Apple has sent all of "The Morning Show" season one to reviewers.

• This after the first three episodes were almost universally panned.

• Apple TV+ went live today.

Apple has seeded reviewers with the first full season of "The Morning Show" just days after the embargo for the first three episodes was lifted, according to The Hollywood Reporter's Lesley Goldberg .

That in itself might not be all that interesting, but Goldberg suggests that the reason for the push of the new episodes is a simple case of Apple going for a spot of "damage control."

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Following a raft of poor reviews of the first three episodes of "The Morning Show," it's possible Apple TV+ bosses have given reviewers access to the whole first season for one of a couple of reasons.

  • Either they know the rest of the season is a winner and they want to give reviewers the chance to turn opinion around quickly.
  • Or they know the rest of the season is as bad as the first three episodes and don't want the story hanging around every single week a new episode is released.

Either of those theories works for me and having not yet seen any episodes of "The Morning Show" I plan on reserving judgement for now. I would be lying if I said that it was at the top of the list of shows I'm keen to check out, but you bet I need to see whether it's the train wreck everyone says!

We'll have an iMore review of tons of shows soon, so stay tuned for that.