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'The Flash' 7.05 Review: Fear Me

Things get spooky on this week’s The Flash.

Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdez and Grant Gustin in The Flash.
(Image: © The CW)


  • ⚡️Cecile gets a moment to shine.
  • ⚡️Strong moments between Caitlin and Frost.
  • ⚡️Yay horror episode!


  • ⚡️The glitch-effects on Psych himself are rough.

This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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Things get spooky on this week’s The Flash, and not just because Caitlin and Snow have split into two! Cecile’s memories are haunted by a purple-eyed twitch monster in a straight jacket, and no one can see her assailant but her — at least at first. Then there’s the delicate matter of what appeared to be the speedforce vomiting Nora Allen into the middle of Star Labs (or at least so we believe in the beginning of the episode). 

Some mysteries don’t take all season to answer. In the case of the dueling Caitlins (Danielle Panabaker), the meta-split was a direct result of Mirror Monarch’s mirror gun causing Frost’s cells to rapidly replicate into a whole new person. Caitlin and Cisco are able to find a fix with relative ease thanks to the existence of the Firestorm matrix, but Snow’s not so keen to going back to having a constant voice inside her head.

Quick answers are offered in regard to what’s haunting Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) as well. We get a Freddy Kreuger meta this week! Psych (thanks Cisco) has the power to force anyone into their own living horror. And if they die in the nightmare, they die in reality. Cecile may be the first to experience it, but The Flash, Frost, and Vibe will all take a spin on the nightmare train before it’s all said and done. To make matters worse, Psych appears to have the same energy absorption powers as Fuerza.

Then there’s this issue of Nora Allen. First, it’s not Nora, it’s the Speedforce maintaining a form that it knows Barry is most likely to help. No matter who — or what — it is, it’s dying, and Team Flash has to find a way to keep her alive. At first, they believe it was Fuerza that took out the entity. But the introduction of Psych adds the possibility of a whole host of other suspects. We know that when they fixed Barry’s powers that lightning shot out from Star Labs in the same way it did the night the particle accelerator exploded and created the first wave of metas. The speedforce goes so far as to theorize that these new entities are just like her.

While the team tries to figure out just what in the frack is going on with these new villains, Psych is busy wreaking havoc. His fear was able to cripple the team’s metas, but they’re not the ones who need to come to the rescue this week. Cecile gets her moment to shine when it’s time to take down the flavor of the week. With the help of The Thinker’s chair, she’s able to blast out a wave of courage to all the citizens of Central City.

Unfortunately, these hyper powerful new Metas aren’t the only problems Team Flash have to face this week. Whatever is hurting the Speedforce took Barry out too, and he’s forced to go into the cryo-pod to heal. As if Central City being down one hero wasn’t enough, the Governor sent a special new sleuth to wrangle all outstanding metas in Central City. Before she does that, though, her first mission is bringing in Killer Frost.

There are more rough FX moments in this week's The Flash than there are good ones, but getting a Freddy-inspired meta is a fun enough twist to keep viewers engaged. Caity and Snow come to an easy enough agreement, and Cecile gets the chance to really shine. It ain't perfect, but it's a solid enough mid-season offering.