In Our Mothers’ Gardens: cast, trailer and everything we know about the documentary

Shantrelle P. Lewis featured on In Our Mothers' Gardens
Shantrelle P. Lewis featured on In Our Mothers' Gardens (Image credit: ARRAY/Netflix)

When Allice Walker wrote her In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose it’s hard to imagine that she thought one day her work would be the catalyst for the documentary, In Our Mothers’ Gardens.  Or that she envisioned storytellers would one day sit in front of a camera to discuss the historic strength that resides in a community of women and use the tales of their foremothers to lead a discussion on self-care, specifically for women of color. 

While Walker may not have had the foresight to see how impactful her work would be on the generations that came after her, those that have seen the film express their gratitude to not only her but to their own familial lineage of mothers as well. 

Here’s everything we know about In Our Mothers’ Gardens

What is Alice Walker's original work about? 

The Alice Walker work upon which the documentary is based is her 1983 book called In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Womanist Prose. It's a collection of 36 essays that explores Black womanhood in the context of their strength, sexuality, creativity, healing, civil rights and more. The stories shared are often told through the framework of the mother and daughter relationship. 

What is In Our Mothers’ Gardens about?  

The following is a synopsis of the film as described by the projects distributor ARRAY (the company belonging to well-known director Ava DuVernay): 

"In Our Mothers’ Gardens celebrates the strength and resiliency of Black women and Black families through the complex and oftentimes humorous relationship between mothers and daughters. The film pays homage to Black maternal ancestors while examining the immediate and critical importance of self-care, and the healing tools necessary for Black communities to thrive."

In Our Mothers’ Gardens cast 

Founder of #MeToo Movement Tarana Burke on In Our Mothers' Gardens

Founder of #MeToo Movement Tarana Burke on In Our Mothers' Gardens (Image credit: ARRAY/Netflix)

Sharing their stories and providing their commentary in the film are the following: 

  • #MeToo founder Tarana Burke 
  • The Roots and Chris Rock tour manager Tina Farris
  • Cultural critic Dr. Brittney Cooper of Rutgers University
  • Rev. Dr. Theresa S. Thames of Princeton University
  • Holistic lifestyle maven Latham Thomas
  • Photographer Adama Delphine Fawundu 
  • NPR’s Senior Director for Programming Yolanda Sangweni.
  • Director of In Our Mothers’ Gardens Shantrelle P. Lewis

In Our Mothers’ Gardens reviews 

In Our Mothers’ Gardens currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%. The Los Angeles Times says, "It's a film to be watched not for its more literal filmmaking achievements, but rather for its ability to make you feel seen, with vulnerability and with love."

The Hollywood Reporter states, "Despite its flaws, In Our Mothers' Gardens is an assured documentary that cogently wrestles with Walker's thesis before enthusiastically passing the baton."

Film critics aren’t the only ones fanning over the project. Take a look at what some viewers are saying on Twitter. 

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In Our Mothers’ Gardens trailer 

The trailer certainly does its job at encouraging viewers to explore the cultural and historic narrative of everyday women of color. Take a look.  

In Our Mothers' Gardens director

Directing In Our Mothers’ Gardens is Shantrelle P. Lewis. While Lewis does not have a ton of credits to her name, she is a 2012 Andy Warhol Curatorial Fellow, and judging by the reviews of her Netflix documentary, we doubt this will be her last project. 

Where to watch In Our Mothers’ Gardens 

In Our Mothers’ Gardens is currently streaming on Netflix globally. You'll need a subscription to watch it. Monthly subscriptions start at $9.99/£6.99.

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