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'Pose' Season 3 — release date, official trailer, plot update, cast news and inteviews, plus everything you need to know

Pose Season 3 — why has Pray Tell (Billy Porter) decided to retire from the ball?
Pose Season 3 — why has Pray Tell (Billy Porter) decided to retire from the ball? (Image credit: FX Networks)

Pose Season 3 is rolling on but in bittersweet news for fans it will be the show’s last (sad face!). 

The amazing hit LGBT drama kicked off in the mid 1980s as New York’s drag ball culture took off and showed how many in the gay and trans community, so badly discriminated against back then, banded together to live in shared accommodations or "Houses" under the leadership of a dominant "Mother" figure.

We suppose all good things must come to a close, but it looks like executive producers Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk/Steve Canals have given us plenty to look forward to before we say goodbye to Blanca, Elektra, Angel, Pray Tell and the rest of the gang who got us so emotionally hooked in those groundbreaking first two seasons.

So here’s our guide to all things Pose Season 3…

Pose Season 3 release date

In the US, this third and last season of Pose will start on FX from May 2. British fans will have to wait a little longer, but we’ve been told by our sources that it’s coming to the BBC (likely BBC2 and BBC iPlayer again) over the summer! The first two seasons of Pose are currently on BBC iPlayer and Netflix if you've not yet caught this absolute gem.

Where Pose Season 2 left off…

The up and down relationship between House mothers Blanca and Elektra continued, and after brief stints in the Houses of Evangelista and Ferocity, Elektra headed off to form the all-new "House of Wintour". Blanca’s AIDS diagnosis (learnt about in Season 1) continues to have implications for her health and wellbeing while Pray Tell becomes more of a mentor to those in the community as well as being the flamboyant Emcee of the drag balls, although he has big health issues, too. He’s now in a relationship with younger man Ricky...

So what happens in Pose Season 3?

It’s 1994, and four years on from all that ‘Vogueing’ a la Madonna (very passé!) that we saw in Season Two. As the AIDS epidemic rages on, Season 3 sees Blanca marshalling forces from within the LGBT community to protest and get a better deal for those living with AIDS. Looks like there are a few violent clashes on the cards. Blanca's also juggling motherhood, being a present partner, and living out her role as a nurse's aide on an AIDS hospital ward. 

Meanwhile, it seems clear from the official trailer (see below) that Pray Tell is struggling with his health and in big trouble dealing with his AIDS diagnosis. Is he on the brink of a complete breakdown? There's the emergence of a vicious new upstart house which causes a few problems for those in the House of Evangelista. Also is it us, or from the trailer do they all look a little wealthier this time around..? They're in a much more plush New York apartment! 

Pose Season 3 cast…

'Pose' star MJ Rodriguez as Blanca.

'Pose' star MJ Rodriguez as Blanca. (Image credit: BBC)

Here are the main returning characters in Pose Season 3...

MJ Rodriguez is Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista 

Dominique Jackson is Elektra Abundance Wintour

Billy Porter is Pray Tell

Dyllon Burnside is Ricky Wintour

Indya Moore is Angel Evangelista

Ryan Jamall Swain is Damon Richards-Evangelista 

Sandra Bernhad is Judy Kubrak

Hailie Sahar is Lulu Ferocity.

Angel Bismark Curiel is Lil Papi Evangelista

'Pose' cast stalwart Billy Porter as Pray Tell.

'Pose' cast stalwart Billy Porter as Pray Tell. (Image credit: BBC)

What the cast have to say about the end of Pose Season 3...

After Pose season 3 recently finished filming, MJ Rodriguez, who plays Blanca, said: "I couldn’t have asked for a better cast and crew to work alongside. The long hours, the emotional pull, and the early calls were all worth it in the end. 

"This show has changed my life, And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So thank you Pose fam, we did it! We changed the world, and we showed them how to love a bit harder again!"

Dyllon Burnside, who plays Ricky Wintour, shared this before shooting his last scenes. "I just arrived for the final day of production. I don’t have the words to articulate all of my feelings right now… what I will say, though, is that I have learned SO MUCH about love, life, family, art, community, myself, this industry… idk. So many things… from this group of people. I’m grateful for y’all. You are all realness personified. Thank you for the ways you have enriched my life… I’m sure I will have more to say as the final season airs but until then… I’ve been blessed beyond measure to work on this show for the past 3 seasons. You’ve given me more than I could’ve ever imagined."

A preview clip (see below) has been released with the stars of the giving their take on Pose Season 3.

Dominique Jackson says: 'Season 3 is about social justice, anti-discrimination, hope, and there is family of course. Elektra is now taking her money and helping those in her community who need it. In this season, my character is more giving, and more loving.'

Hailie Sahar adds: 'This season we're tackling drug addiction. Because people don't have family, because they don't know that they are loved, often times they turn to something to numb that pain.'

MJ (Michaela Jae) Rodriguez says: 'This season is set in 1994 when AIDS was at its all-time high. Through these trials though, people have flourished and blossomed in ways people wouldn't imagine to think or see!

'Blanca has a whole arc this season and she's dealing with some hurt, some pain, and she's also dealing with love!'

The official Pose Season 3 trailer...

The trailer for Pose season 3 has just been released, with Aretha Franklin's A Deeper Love as the soundtrack! We're all set for an amazing finale.... 

Pose Season 3 —episode reviews...

We'll be reviewing every episode of Pose Season 3, so have a look at our take on the show. Of course, if you haven't seen yet, as always, look away if you don't want too many spoilers...

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