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Mark Addy: ‘There are some brilliant additions to the cast of Atlantis!’

In tonight’s exciting first instalment of the new series of Atlantis, we saw Robert Pugh do an excellent turn as exiled Lord Sarpedon. Newly returned to the city, exiled Lord Sarpedon was welcomed by trusting new queen Ariadne (Aiysha Hart).

Talking to What’s on TV, Mark Addy, who plays Hercules in BBC’s fantasy adventure series, revealed the second series’ guest cast has an interesting mix of fresh newcomers and impressive heavyweight actors.

Mark said: “They’ve done a brilliant job of creating fantastic and strong characters.

"Robert Lindsay is back as Daedalus and this time he’s got his son Icarus with him.

"We’ve also got Sian Thomas and Ronnie Pickup playing Orpheus and Eurydice, and Lorcan Cranitch will star as a sinister council leader!”

The next episode of Atlantis screens on BBC1, Saturday 22nd November. Tune in to discover if new queen Ariadne realises Lord Sarpedon isn’t all he seems!