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'I get a lot of abuse' says British Soap Awards' Villain of the Year Jeremy Sheffield (VIDEO)

The new British Soap Awards winner for Villain of the Year, Hollyoaks' Jeremy Sheffield says he's enthused by the general hatred for his character Patrick Blake.

Jeremy told What's on TV on at the soap awards: "In the street I get quite a lot of abuse. But people are well aware it's a show, that it's a story and nothing real. There's general hatred for Patrick, which is kind of everything we want it to be and I kind of like that because otherwise I wouldn't be doing my job." "]

Jeremy also opened up about Patrick's terminal illness and his eventual exit from Hollyoaks. "Motor Neurone Disease is always terminal, there is no cure for it. The timing of it and how that affects all the other players, all the other people close to Patrick, will be intriguing to know. I don't know the answer to all those things.

"You know it's not going to be straightforward, it's Hollyoaks! So it's going to be very complex, very interesting and of course hugely dramatic."

Watch the illuminating chat with British Soap Awards winner Jeremy Sheffield, above.

The British Soap Awards will screen on ITV on Thursday, May 21.