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Verity Rushworth: Emmerdale's British Soap Award-winning storyline was 'a gift' (VIDEO)

Verity Rushworth says the scene which won her and Emmerdale a British Soap Award on Saturday was 'a gift'.

Donna Dingle's death, which featured Verity's terminally ill character Donna Dingle leaping to her death chained to criminal Gary North, won Scene of the Year at Saturday's British Soap Awards.

Verity told What's on TV on the awards' red carpet: "I never expected to come back, so it was really a bonus to come back, and that was just an 'Ohh, does it have to be forever?' But when Kate Oates, our producer, told me the story arch, I was like 'OK, look, this is really good stuff, and this is worth it all the way', so it was a sacrifice I made because the story was so good... And I was prepared for it, even though I cried when I left, I was prepared for it!" "]

Verity also filled us in on her latest activities. "Post-life Emmerdale I've finally been on my honeymoon tot he Maldives, so my husband has forgiven me for not having a life for a year, which is good, and I'm doing a lovely Agatha Christie play, which is set in the 1930s, a lovely 30s period piece and I play a secretary who's got a hidden past, which is great, and I'd love to do more telly in the future."

The British Soap Awards screen on ITV this Thursday, May 21.