Casualty: Ruth 'can't deal' with Edward shock

Casualty: Ruth 'can't deal' with Edward shock
Casualty: Ruth 'can't deal' with Edward shock (Image credit: PA Archive/PA Photos)

Georgia Taylor reveals Ruth's reaction to Edward's deep, dark secret in BBC1's Casualty... What are the events that lead Ruth to the truth about her husband this week? "Ruth decides to leave her shift early and returns home to cook a romantic meal. But Edward doesn't answer his phone, the dinner is ruined and Ruth's gutted so she sits alone in the dark." What happens next? "Edward comes home eventually, but he doesn't spot Ruth because she's sitting in the dark. She sees him kissing his lover who leads him upstairs!" How does Ruth react? "She can't deny what she saw. She literally runs out of the house as she doesn't know how to deal with it." Does she confront Edward? "There are quite a few moments in the episode where you think she's going to confront him. In her own way she lets him know that she knows, but she's massively in denial." Why doesn't she confront him or the issue directly? "Ruth doesn't have the social skills or the relationship skills to know how to deal with it. She's just not good at relationships so she doesn't know how to handle it." She almost turns to Jay for comfort, what stops her? "He's the only person she knows cares about her. And he's the only person she feels she can talk to. She calls him, but when he doesn't answer she concludes that maybe she shouldn't be crying on his shoulder. Also she still thinks he's going out with Polly and she can't handle the thought of him telling anyone else." Does she have anyone to confide in? "Charlie tries to help her. But when Ruth discovers he's known about Edward for quite some time she feels betrayed and angry - and Charlie becomes her fall guy!" What does this mean for Charlie? "For Ruth the worst possible outcome is to have people sniggering behind her back so she wants to get Charlie as far away from her as possible! She makes a rash decision and once the wheels of her act of revenge are set in motion there's no going back."

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