Casualty spoilers! George Rainsford talks about Ethan’s resignation, Connie’s return and Leigh-Anne…

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Holby ED is in chaos following two shock resignations. Will this lead to Connie’s return? Warning contains spoilers!

Who’s still reeling from tonight’s Casualty? Not one resignation but two! Junior doctor Bea Kinsella handed in her notice after a tragic series of events, which resulted in ED patient Sean suffering from renal failure and needing dialysis. Acting clinical lead Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) followed Bea’s lead shortly after receiving her resignation, realising he doesn’t have what it takes to run the ED.

So what does this shock double resignation mean for the ED?

We talked to Casualty star George Rainsford, who plays Ethan…

Ethan cuts a lonely figure of late

Ethan cuts a lonely figure of late (Image credit: BBC)

Ethan’s quit as clinical lead! Does this mean Connie Beauchamp is returning soon?

"Ethan was only ever temporary in the role of clinical lead, but yes he does step down slightly earlier than Connie arrives back, by about half an episode. Ethan’s slowly realised that this isn’t the job for him."

In many ways, that’s very brave of him…

"Ethan’s tried his best but he almost tried to do too much by himself and he hasn’t used his team correctly. Basically, he hasn’t handled the pressure."

Running the ED hasn’t brought out the best in him?

"As I’ve watch those episodes unfold I think Ethan’s been relentlessly under pressure and taking it all very personally. He’s actually being much nastier, in a way, than he ever has been before."

To be fair, it’s somewhat understandable give the pressure the fictional NHS ED is under?

"Ethan has taken over the role at the same time the NHS seems to be at a particularly difficult situation. Casualty are definitely writing episodes that portray that, which is good because that’s what they’re going through in real life."

Ethan also has the added complication of his relationship with Leigh-Anne Carr!

Ethan's been seeking redemption by helping Leigh-Anne

Ethan's been seeking redemption by helping Leigh-Anne (Image credit: BBC)

"And unfortunately the only person he turns to in this scenario is Leigh-Anne. He can’t open up to Alicia about it, as it’s a private thing for him. He’s been lashing out and feeling the pressure and not behaving in a way he’d want to. But I think that’s quite good in a way."

How so?

"When they told me [about the Leigh-Anne story] I was a little worried it would take Ethan back into the depths of his angst and despair, and the audience might be sick of that by now. But the producer reassured me Ethan tries to turn it into something positive."

Could this be the beginning of a happier time for Ethan?

"Ethan’s been so strained of late it would be nice to see him happy at some point. There’s a lot of positivity in his relationship with Leigh-Anne. But you just know, because it’s Casualty, there is a disaster around the corner when it all starts to tumble out."

The plot thickens! We can’t wait until Casualty returns next Saturday on BBC1.

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