Casualty's Chelsee Healey: 'I was mortified having to pole dance – at first!'

Chelsee Healey reveals we see a lot more of tea lady Honey when her night job as a stripper is exposed in this weekend’s Casualty (BBC1, Saturday)…

This week doctor Ethan discovers chirpy tea lady Honey is a stripper. What can you tell us?

“It’s quite seedy, especially because Honey is such a lovely, bubbly character. You see a different side to Honey in this episode. A bit of a sexy, dark side!”

How does she react to Ethan’s arrival in the club?

“She immediately tries to cover up when Ethan spots her, and [later] she acts like she really enjoys doing it – but really she’s only a stripper because she needs the money.”

How was it to film the pole dancing scenes?

“I was mortified at first. But I had to be professional and do what I had to do. By the end the dance scenes were fun, but it might have been nicer not to be swinging around a pole half-naked!”

It looked like love was in the air for Ethan and Honey. Is that still the case after her exposure?

“They’re two people you just wouldn’t put together but, surprisingly, they get on and connect. Opposites attract! They have a natural relationship. Ethan likes her vulnerable side and there’s something about him Honey’s drawn to too. I’m not sure they’d make a good couple, but if they like each other they should go for it!”

What reaction have you had from Casualty fans to your new role?

“I’ve had some really nice, positive feedback on Twitter. It’s good to know people are glad to see me back on screen acting. Normally I have a few bad comments, but there’s been nothing negative yet. I hope it stays like that.”

Is that negativity difficult to cope with?

“Sometimes it’s hard to ignore, but you just have to brush it off.”

Casualty is well known for being a friendly set…

“Everyone, cast and crew, have been really welcoming. The job has been nothing but a treat. It’s been really good to get back to acting. And because Honey’s a fun, bubbly, nice character, it’s made playing her a lot easier. She’s a bit like me – we’re both ditzy!”

Honey’s the hospital tea lady, but do you make a good cup of tea or coffee in real life?

“I don’t drink coffee so I rarely make it, but I do a proper good brew!”

You’re probably best known as Janeece in Waterloo Road. Did you stay in touch with any of the cast?

“I do speak to some of them now and then. I really want to organise a night where we all go out together! It was a great job to work on.”

Have you any telly projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

“There is something coming up on ITV, which is very exciting. But I’m not allowed to say what! I’ve never done an ITV job before, and have heard they’re brilliant to work with, so I’m very excited about that!”

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