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Corrie's top 10 barmaids – but who rules the Rovers? (VIDEO)

The landladies and barmaids of the boozer on the corner of Rosamund and Coronation Streets, AKA the Rovers Return, have always held an iconic place on the long-running soap, an honour which Sarah Platt  (Tina O'Brien) is about to share.

Sarah does a big sell on Rovers co-owner Steve McDonald and earns herself a spot pulling pints behind the bar next week. It's a hallowed place, one that not everyone is fit to share (remember Eileen Grimshaw's unfortunate stint?) But if you've got a way with the punters and can hold your own when things get heated, a woman can ascend to true legend status if they play it right.

To mark Sarah's debut in the Rovers, our in-house soap obsessives Matt and Ellen have cast an eye back over 60 years of life in Britain's most famous pub and chosen their top 10 barmaids.

Watch Corrie's top 10 barmaids video, above, and let us know if you agree or disagree.