Coronation Street’s Mikey North: ‘Sarah back with love rat Gary!’

Coronation Street’s Mikey North: ‘Sarah back with love rat Gary!’
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Coronation Street star Mikey North has revealed that Bethany’s violent revenge on Gary Windass backfires when Sarah rushes to his hospital bed.

Love rat Gary Windass may have got another woman pregnant, but a shock event may push betrayed ex Sarah back into his arms. Coronation Street’s Mikey North has talked to Soaplife about the latest twist in their romance.

What’s the story?

Gary Windass has found himself out in the cold with Sarah and the Platts since cheating on Sarah with Nicola Rubenstein. He still holds a candle for Sarah, however, and when he tries to look out for her daughter Bethany things take a dark turn…

“Gary discovers Bethany is working at a lap-dancing club,” reveals Mickey. “When he tries to stop her doing it, he’s badly beaten up by one of the bouncers.”

An injured Gary is rushed to hospital and Sarah is horrified.

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Soaplife’s interview with Mikey North about how Bethany’s violent revenge on Gary Windass backfires...

Soaplife: How does he find out about Bethany?

Mikey North: “He follows her. He’s chatting to Tim on the street when he sees this girl who’s tried to chat him up in the Rovers, driving past in a car. Gary clocks that Bethany’s with her and he immediately feels something’s not right so he follows the car and ends up at the lapdancing club.”

S: What are Gary’s thoughts when he realises that Bethany is working there?

MN: “He is shocked – he’s not expecting to see her there, let alone seeing her dance. It’s a big surprise when he walks in and sees her with not much on.”

S: What happens next?

MN: “He tries to get Bethany to come home but she refuses. She doesn’t want anything to do with Gary since she found out about Nicola. Bethany calls the bouncer to step in. Gary tries to resist but the bouncer goes to town on him. He gets really, really smashed up. It’s the last thing he needs with everything else that’s going on. The police are called and it’s Craig who turns up. Craig doesn’t want to let on that he knows Gary at first but then he tries to help.”

S: And?

MN: “He goes to hospital. Sarah comes to see him, which is nice for Gary – he hadn’t expected her to do that. Sarah apologies that Gary is always getting beaten up because of her family and there’s a little bit of a moment there where things soften slightly between them.”

S: Do you think Sarah should forgive him for sleeping with Nicola and unintentionally making her pregnant?

MN: “That’s a tricky one because I love Sarah and Gary together- and working with Tina O’Brien and the Platts has turned my time around at Coronation Street. But how can you forgive someone who has done what he has done? It’s inexcusable but for me it’s great that Sarah and Gary may get back together.”

S: Have you had a lot of reaction to Gary cheating with Nicola?

MN: “You can’t cheat on Sarah Louise Platt! Nobody would do that but he doesn’t do things the normal way. People seem to love Gary and Sarah together which is a compliment and it’s nice that we might be working together again. It is a shame that the perfect romance was spoilt but it gives us scope to explore other storylines.”

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