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Ryan Clayton on playing Josh Tucker: I don't think my grandfather knows about my dark storyline

Ryan Clayton on playing Josh Tucker: My granddad doesn’t know about my dark storyline

Ryan Clayton on what he's told his family

Ryan Clayton – who plays Josh Tucker in Coronation Street – has said he doesn't think his grandfather knows he’s been cast as a male rapist.

Talking of the Corrie storyline which, on Friday 16th March, will see mechanic Josh ply David Platt [played by Jack P Shepherd, who's spoken about the storyline] with booze, spike his drink with GHB and rape him, Ryan said: “I think my nana knows but I don’t think my granddad knows.”

The actor continued: “My family hasn’t expressed their concerns [about the storyline] with me so I think they’re just happy. My nana did ask: ‘he’s not playing a baddie is he?’”

With a role on Coronation Street having exposed actor Ryan to a new level of public visibility, he’s bracing himself for flak over Josh’s horrifying attack on much-loved David Platt.

Ryan said: “Talking to the cast I don't think you can ever be truly ready for abuse. But I take it as it comes and I appreciate it might come so I'm anticipating it. It's nice to know they're just involved in it, watching and invested. I guess it shows I'm doing a good job so if anything it's a compliment.”

Meanwhile, Coronation Street series producer Kate Oates earlier in the week explained why the soap thought it should tackle the subject, saying: “We decided to cover the topic of male rape to help try and highlight the culture of silence that surrounds male sexual assault, and issues surrounding male mental health in general.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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