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Dancing on Ice: Hayley Tamaddon comes second in last-ever final

Hayley Tamaddon gave it all she had in the final of Dancing on Ice but it wasn't enough to beat Ray Quinn.

Hayley scored a perfect 40 for her first routine and judge Jason Gardiner said: "What you did was exceptional. I could not take my eyes off you."

Then came Hayley's second skate…

With professional partner Daniel Whiston - her winning partner from 2010 - Hayley resurrected their Bollywood dance…

"I was mesmerised," said Jason. "That is one of Dancing on Ice's legendary performances."

"But there was one mistake right in the middle," said Robin Cousins. "I'm sorry but there was and I'm sorry that I saw it."

Hayley scored 39.5 for that dance and it was then that you could see the number one spot slipping away out of her reach.

Hayley's Bolero was described as "beautiful" by the judges - but it lacked the drama of Ray's performance.

"I really want this," said Hayley at the start of the final.

What she didn't want was to come second - even though it was an outstanding second.