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Doctor Who: Catherine Tate 'happy' to return

Catherine Tate has revealed that she would be "more than happy" to return to Doctor Who (opens in new tab) in the future.

When the 45-year-old actress was asked by TV Times whether she would ever reprise her role as companion Donna Noble in the hit BBC1 sci-fi series, Catherine replied: "Yes, I would be more than happy to."

Catherine starred alongside David Tennant's incarnation of The Doctor.

When asked who her favourite Doctor is, aside from David, she jokingly replied: "Is there any other Doctor beside David?"

Catherine, who is currently starring alongside David Walliams in BBC comedy Big School, also reflected on acting again with David in a 2011 theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing.

She stated: "Benedick and Beatrice are similar to the Doctor and Donna in some ways – there’s a lot of sparring – but this is a romantic relationship, which was never the case in Doctor Who."