Doctor Who: Catherine Tate 'happy' to return

Catherine Tate has revealed that she would be "more than happy" to return to Doctor Who in the future.

When the 45-year-old actress was asked by TV Times whether she would ever reprise her role as companion Donna Noble in the hit BBC1 sci-fi series, Catherine replied: "Yes, I would be more than happy to."

Catherine starred alongside David Tennant's incarnation of The Doctor.

When asked who her favourite Doctor is, aside from David, she jokingly replied: "Is there any other Doctor beside David?"

Catherine, who is currently starring alongside David Walliams in BBC comedy Big School, also reflected on acting again with David in a 2011 theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing.

She stated: "Benedick and Beatrice are similar to the Doctor and Donna in some ways – there’s a lot of sparring – but this is a romantic relationship, which was never the case in Doctor Who."