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Doctor Who delivers an epic twist with David Bradley's return as the first Doctor

doctor who
(Image credit: BBC/Hal Shinnie)

The Doctor Who finale threw up a huge shock, with David Bradley playing the First Doctor arriving in a snowy wasteland to meet Peter Capaldi's current Time Lord...

Fans of Doctor Who were left with their heads spinning after the dramatic series finale, when veteran actor David Bradley appeared as William Hartnell's First Doctor.

Other huge shocks saw The Master and Missy apparently destroying each other in an epic showdown, while companion Bill jumped out of the TARDIS with Heather, the girl she’d fallen for in her first intergalactic adventure, but who is now The Pilot, able to take Bill anywhere they want to go together in time or space.

What an episode it was for The Doctor himself, with the Time Lord beginning his regeneration after seemingly being killed, then doing everything to try and prevent it. He stumbled from the TARDIS into a snowy wasteland to be greeted by the First Doctor, the grumpy old granddad first played by William Hartnell when the sci-fi series began in 1963. Doctor Who writers had delivered a huge shock and a brilliant twist!

Back in 2013, Harry Potter star David Bradley portrayed veteran actor William Hartnell in BBC2's drama An Adventure in Space and Time. This emotional special on the show's 50th Anniversary showed how Hartnell was cast as the Doctor in a groundbreaking ‘children’s sci-fi show’ and what happened when filming began under producer Verity Lambert (Jessica Raine)…

The First Doctor is central to the upcoming Christmas special, which will see Peter Capaldi’s Doctor at last regenerate into the latest incarnation of the Time Lord. But who exactly that is remains a closely guarded secret...