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Downton's Phyllis Logan: ‘Things don't go smoothly for Carson and Mrs Hughes' (Video)

(Image credit: PA Wire/PA Images)

Chatting about the slow burning romance between Downton Abbey butler, Mr Carson, and housekeeper, Mrs Hughes, Phyllis Logan reveals trouble is in store for the shy couple!

“It was very nice, very rosemantic when Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes finally came clean and declared their love. But Julian Fellowes does not like things to go smoothly – he tends to throw a bit of a wobbly in here and there. So who knows what will happen!

“Neither of them die – that’s an exclusive!”

Before they tie the knot, the old-fashioned couple have a few matters to consider. Namely, where they will they sleep when they get married! Phyllis laughs: “There’s an element that’s troubling to Mrs Hughes… There are a few delicate matters to be resolved!”

Phyllis goes on to hint there may not even be a wedding!

“I may not be getting married even! …There are plans, but they may be foiled.”

Adding: “This storyline has been bliss to play, especially with Jim Carter. All the interactions with the below stairs people - we have such a laugh at Ealing Studios. I shall miss that dreadfully."

Phyllis went onto explain she said goodbye to the iconic servants set in her own, quiet way: “I had a snoop around after our last ever scene when everybody had gone and the place was deserted and all dark. I sloped about my little sitting room, Carson’s study, and the kitchens in the servant’s hall. I thought, I’ll never be back here, and did get a bit tearful.”

Speaking about her Downton Abbey experience the star of Lovejoy and Secrets & Lies says:

“It’s been incredible. It’s not the sort of job that comes up very often, (if ever!) in your career. And I’ve been at it quite a long time. I feel very fortunate to be involved in it and I’ll probably never be involved in something like this ever again.”

Watch the video above for the full interview with Phyllis Logan, who also reveals her delight at husband Kevin McNally’s memorable Downton Abbey role as Mr Horace Bryant.