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The Angry Birds Movie | Bird-brained story, boisterous animation and a chirpy cast

Angry Birds Chuck (Josh Gad), Red (Jason Sudeikis), Bomb (Danny McBride)
(Image credit: Columbia Pictures and Rovio)
(Image credit: Columbia Pictures and Rovio)

Having already hatched a brood of popular spin-offs, including books, toys and a TV series, the blockbuster video game franchise has now been turned into a boisterous animated movie, Angry Birds.

The story is a pretty bird-brained affair, but it does explain why the game's flightless birds have been catapulting themselves at those egg-stealing green pigs. The film also launches a barrage of avian and porcine puns, plus a flock of knowing pop-culture references. (Sample: ‘Something isn’t kosher with those pigs’)

Most of these will fly right over the heads of younger viewers, but the film's rambunctious silliness will go down a treat. Among the voice cast, listen out for Jason Sudeikis as the chronically choleric hero Red, Josh Gad, Danny McBride and Maya Rudolph. Sean Penn’s rumbling growls may be harder to detect, but his casting was a stroke of genius.


Certificate U. Runtime 97 mins. Directors Clay Katis, Fergal Reilly

The Angry Birds Movie is available Blu-ray,DVD & Digital Download from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

DVD & Digital Extras include:

  • Bonus Scene: “Chuck’s
  • Symphony Mode
  • Making Music! With Composer Heitor Pereira
  • Blake Shelton Music Video “Friends”
  • Photo Gallery

Blu-ray & Digital Exclusive Extras Include:

  • All-New Short “The Early Hatchling Gets the Worm”
  • 3 Existing Hatchlings Shorts
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Dance Along Birds and Pigs
  • Crafty Birds – How to Build Your Own Piggy Tower
  • Creating the Real World of Angry Birds
  • Meet The Birds
  • Meet The Pigs
  • Meet The Hatchlings

Digital extras exclusive to iTunes

  • A Flying Leap: From App To Screen
  • Behind The Scenes: Blake Shelton Music Video
  • Piggy Tales Episode