Brotherhood of Man: 'We’ll be doing the same moves, but the costumes will be a surprise!'

(Image credit: BBC)

London has the honour of kick-starting celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, as BBC1 hosts a one-off concert, Eurovision's Greatest Hits (Good Friday), showcasing some of the competition’s most memorable performers...

Flying the flag for the UK is British pop group Brotherhood of Man, who triumphed in 1976 with Save Your Kisses For Me. Band member Martin Lee, chats to TV Times...

How does it feel to be chosen as one of the most memorable performers?

“We’re very honoured that the BBC have chosen us to represent the UK again. The Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 was a 'wow' of a night for us, and I’m sure this concert will be the same.”

Is the performance going to be the same as 1976?

"We’ll be doing the same moves, but the costumes we’re wearing are a surprise - I think you’ll be pleased though."

You were a well established group when you took part in Eurovision, how did you get to enter?

“We usually watched Eurovision and thought: ‘How do we get to enter?’ Normally the BBC picked Cliff Richard or The Shadows, and it was a sort of a closed book. But luckily for us, in 1976 they changed things and decided the songwriter could choose the artist. So us being the songwriters chose ourselves, of course!”

What was it like to win?

“Winning anything is fantastic, but winning for your country is something else. It was a real heart-warming situation and not many people get to do it.”     

Did you ever imagine that the competition would still be held today?

“Saying that, I didn’t think Brotherhood of Man would still be going nearly 40 years on! It just shows how popular Eurovision is; it’s the best contest in the world. And today, instead of worrying about whether we win or not, I think it’s more important that we embrace it and say: ‘Hey, this is bringing 40-odd countries together'.”

So you’re going to enjoy yourselves?

"We do need desperately that in today’s world. It should all just be about the music and enjoying the extravaganza."