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Alex - C4

Anja Lundqvist as Kim Leko and Dragomir Mrsic as Alex Leko
(Image credit: Global Series Network)

A corrupt cop played by Dragomir Mrsic tries to clean up his act in a new subtitled Swedish thriller on Channel 4

On the outside, Alex Leko is a devoted father and policeman.

But behind the façade, he is a drug-fuelled dirty cop who has made a deal with the devil – local crime boss BG.

This new six-part Swedish thriller opens with Alex (Dragomir Mrsic) accidentally killing his partner and best friend, and deciding he’s going to go straight.

So he lets BG know that his days of being on the take are over.

Dragomir Mrsic as Alex Leko

Dragomir Mrsic as Alex Leko

Obviously, BG doesn’t take the news well and makes it clear that Alex isn’t going to walk away from his operation that easily.

As well as battling to free himself from BG, Alex also has a new partner, by-the-book cop Frida Kanto (Rakel Warmlander), who is secretly working to find enough dirt on him to have him prosecuted.

TV Times rating: ****