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Bullitt - ITV4

Steve McQueen is suspicious of Robert Vaughn

Steve McQueen revs up for one of cinema's most famous car chases - a fast and furious pursuit through the streets and over the hills of San Francisco. 5/5 stars

Still exhilarating more than 50 years on, that sequence's inspired combination of real locations and dynamic editing puts the audience right in the front seat alongside the star.

Giving a charismatic, hard-hitting performance, McQueen is the epitome of 1960s cool as cop Frank Bullitt, who investigates the murder of a Mob informer and finds top-level corruption along the way.

Jacqueline Bisset's strikingly warm portrayal as his love interest turned her into an international sex symbol and Robert Vaughn sweats impressively as a sleazy politician.

The plot will keep you guessing right up to the end and this amazingly tense, well-staged cop action thriller is a much-loved classic.