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Charlie’s in a drug hell!

(Image credit: BBC/Cos Aelenei)

Nurse Charlie Fairhead has high hopes of a happy future with his recovering drug-addicted son, Louis. Yet in this week’s Casualty, while Charlie works the night shift at the ED, Louis takes to the streets of Holby in search of a hit!

Unfortunately for the troubled young man, he gets a hit of a different kind when he insults violent local drug dealing pimp, Nafeez, and ends up beaten and impaled on a railing!

When Louis is brought into the ED Charlie insists he’s not to be supplied with any morphine pain relief. But when his dad’s back is turned, Louis strikes up a deal with Nafeez and his girlfriend, Zara – if they supply him with a dose of heroin he’ll keep his mouth shut about what happened!

Soon afterwards tragic Louis overdoses and is left fighting for his life, leaving Charlie stunned. Louis manages to pull through, but Charlie comes close to ending his relationship with his son, until a heart-to-heart with Tess, and later Connie, makes him realise, there’s nothing more important than family…

Elsewhere, Connie’s back in the clinical lead seat – which leaves a disgruntled Dylan clearing out his desk. Connie’s attempts at a new soft-approach fails to win her any allies at work, and soon she’s back to a better version of her old self!

Meanwhile, Rita offers to resign for her part in Connie’s imprisonment. Surprisingly a subdued Connie is happy to let bygones be bygones.

Nurse Robyn reveals she’s really bad at flirting when courier Zach shows up! Fortunately he saves her from more embarrassment later when he asks her out on a date.

Big Mac has a near-death experience and believes a talisman saved his life!

And an already demoralised Dylan is left devastated by the death of a patient.

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