Coronation Street spoilers: Jade has a shocking story for Evelyn Plummer

Evelyn listens to Jade's sob story in Coronation Street

Evelyn Plummer feels sorry for Jade as she pours her heart out

Jade tells Coronation Street's Evelyn Plummer all about her terrible marriage, how if it weren’t for Fiz she would never have survived and how she was searching for a photo she could get framed to say thanks.

Fiz returns home and is taken aback to find Jade pouring her heart out to Evelyn about her abusive ex husband...

Jade tells Evelyn all about her past

Jade tells Evelyn Plummer all about her past

Asha starts work in the kebab shop. When Amy calls in with a lad from school called Riley, who asks to meet her after rehearsals, Asha’s smitten.

Desperate to buy some more skin lightening cream, Asha steals Dev’s bank card and orders some on the internet.

Asha and Riley in the Kabab shop in Coronation Street

Desperate Asha buys more skin lightening cream to impress a boy

Leaving Kel unconscious in the ginnel, Paul hurries away. Gemma spots his bleeding knuckles but Paul covers that he trapped his hand in the van door. As Kel is found and taken to hospital, Paul admits to Gemma that he was lying and gave him a beating.

Gemma begs Bernie not to grass up her own son, while Paul confesses to Billy that he’s left Kel in a coma. Billy implores Paul to go to the police, admit his crime but explain how Kel abused him.

Adam’s unwavering and insists Ryan is covering for Gary. Fed up of his obsession with Gary, Sarah heads out in a huff. Ryan calls at the furniture shop and tells Gary how Adam tried to bribe him into telling the truth but he stuck to his story and lied to Sarah, Ali and Maria. Adam apologises for obsessing over Gary and kisses Sarah passionately.

Sophie pours over her textbooks but it’s clear her new course isn’t really for her.

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