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Dean knows the truth about Jade!

Kush feels stuck between Shabnam and Carmel on the day of the engagement party as the ladies argue over decorations. Sent to Stacey's on an errand, Kush then struggles to resist her. At the party, Kush makes a speech and Martin and Fatboy join him for the dance routine. When Stacey tries to talk to him later they are interrupted.

Meanwhile, when Shirley is nowhere to be found a worried Dean confronts Buster, who then reveals that Dean's daughter is alive! After learning that Shirley has the address, Dean wants to see her. After Shirley turns up, she puts a stop to the idea, lying that Dean's daughter was adopted years ago and there's no way to find her. Furious, Dean storms over to the engagement party where he confronts a horrified Shabnam in front of her family and friends.

Charlie asks Roxy to give him and Ronnie some space for the night. Confronting her sister, Roxy is shocked to find Ronnie crying. Ronnie admits that she wants to celebrate her wedding night, as they didn't get the chance before, but it's clearly a big step for Ronnie.

Also, Kim and Sharon prepare for their themed nights at the Albert. Worried about Carol, Whitney enlists Billy's help in getting her out for the night.