Dixie’s on the edge… of a cliff!

(Image credit: BBC)

Paramedics Dixie and Iain are at odds this week when it comes to their working methods. Dixie’s still traumatised from partner Jeff’s death, making her more cautious at work. Former soldier Iain, however, is itching to get into the thick of any action…

When they’re first on the scene at a caravan teetering on the edge of a crumbling cliff, Dixie wants to wait for backup, but Iain recklessly dashes inside to help the injured occupants…

Dixie bravely follows Iain inside but the caravan could tip over at any moment, killing them all. They manage to get everyone out safely but Dixie is left visibly shaken.

Elsewhere, veteran actor Michael Byrne makes his first appearance as semi-regular guest character, widowed Motor Neurone Disease sufferer Mr Alfred Maxwell. Former surgeon Alfred is a legend in his field, and soon finds he has a big fan at the hospital - clinical lead Connie!

Now incapacitated, Alfred’s admitted to the ED having scalded himself with hot tea. While there, Alfred confesses to Connie he wishes to die with dignity before deteriorating further. Torn by his request, Connie admits Alfred for observation, and a harrowing chain of events that escalate over the coming weeks are set in motion…

Also this week, Connie gives the junior doctors a punishing new work schedule. Max is fed up of being consultant Zoe’s dirty little secret. The hospital porter gives Zoe an ultimatum – come up with a good reason for keeping their relationship a secret by the end of their shift, or he’s going to kiss her in front of everyone! When everyone’s leaving Zoe snogs her man in the reception area, while their colleagues’ jaws drop!

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