EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning hunts down kidnapper Rainie!

EastEnders Jack Branning Max Branning and Michael
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Max Branning finds a lead on his missing granddaughter, Adam Bateman is caught out and Keegan Baker tries to forget Tiff.

EastEnders' Max Branning is going out of his mind over baby Abi Branning’s kidnapping and he attempts to contact Rainie Branning to beg her to bring his granddaughter home. When Rainie won’t take Max’s call he despairs that he’s lost her forever.

Jack Branning is concerned about his brother’s state of mind and he tries to help him out. When he recognises the hotel logo in a photo that Rainie sent, the brothers are hopeful that it’s a clue to her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Rainie is enjoying her ill-gotten gains in the posh hotel and she gets friendly with another hotel guest who introduces himself as Michael. When Michael offers to help Rainie with the baby, she is grateful. Spotting Rainie’s bag of cash, Michael invites Rainie for a drink but she turns him down.

As she’s about to check out of the hotel she is horrified to see Jack and Max! Rushing up to the rooms, she begs for Michael’s help and when the Branning brothers knock on the hotel room door he answers and denies all knowledge of Rainie. After the Brannings leave, Rainie is relieved and prepares to go on her way. Until she realises that all of her money has been taken…

EastEnders Adam Bateman in bed with Habiba Ahmed

Adam is in bed with Habiba when Jack calls round.

Denise Fox is concerned about Jack’s money worries and she offers him some advice. He’s grateful for her words and he pops round to see dentist Adam Bateman about buying the flat. As he talks to Adam about trying to exchange this week, Jack spots a half-dressed Habiba Ahmed in the background! Has he found out about Adam cheating on girlfriend Honey Mitchell?

Chantelle Atkins realises that little brother Keegan Baker is sweet on Tiffany Butcher. But when she questions him about his feelings for Tiff, Keegan insists that she’s too much bother as she’s messed him around too much. But can he really push his feelings for Tiff out of his head?

EastEnders Stacey Fowler is caught out by Phil Mitchell

Stacey worries when Phil wants to see her new phone.

Also, Mel Owen is unimpressed when Mo Slater asks Robbie Jackson to help with the cleaning at the club. Phil Mitchell asks Shirley Carter to find out if the Slaters have his money. Jack Branning is in trouble with the police…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm

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