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Emmerdale spoliers: Rebecca White and Ross Barton clash over village exit

Emmerdale, Ross Barton, Rebecca White

Ross and Rebecca's great escape from the village runs into opposition from Charity and Robert. Will Rebecca decide to stick around to keep the peace?

Double-bill (Episode 1 of 2) Rebecca White was surprised when her boyfriend Ross Barton asked her to pack her bags and leave the village with him last week. But then again, after all the horrible things that have happened to both Ross and Rebecca this year, including his shock acid attack and her family tragedy, perhaps it's not such a bad idea.

However, their plan runs into trouble when Charity Dingle, mum to Ross's son Moses, and Robert Sugden, dad to Rebecca's son Seb, get wind of the couple's plans and declare hell will freeze over before they let Ross and Rebecca run off with the kids!

With the squabbling threatening to get out of hand, Ross is gutted when Rebecca begins to wonder if they're rushing into things by leaving the village and wants to delay their departure for a few months. But is Rebecca really just trying to back-out of leaving with Ross?

Elsewhere in the village, Laurel Thomas tries to push her partner Bob Hope into finding a new job. But will her plan work or will Laurel continue to lose patience with him?

Meanwhile, Bernice Blackstock thinks the coast is clear to carry on with secret lover, Dr Liam Cavanagh now she's dumped her fella, Daz Spencer.

Bernice is thrilled when she discovers the dishy doc has left her a mystery set of instructions to follow, which eventually lead her to the cricket pavillion where Liam has arranged a romantic champagne picnic for them.

However, little does beautician Bernice know, but lovestruck Daz wants her back. After discovering the mystery instructions, and wrongly assuming they're meant for him, Daz decides to follow the trail in search of Bernice...

Is Daz about to catch Bernice in the arms of her secret lover?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV