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Me & My Facial Disfigurement - 5STAR

My Life With A Disfigurement - Yasmin
(Image credit: Ron.Meachin)

Following three young people with facial disfigurements as they take on new challenges - getting tattooed, going to university, and performing at an open mic night

Three extraordinary women talk about living with a facial disfigurement. Yasmin, 25, (above) has a syndrome that affects the left side of her face.

Since she was seven Yasmin’s had many reconstructive surgeries and struggled with her self-confidence.

Raiche, 25, was trapped in a house fire when she was a baby.

My Life With A Disfigurement

Raiche tries a new wig

She suffered burns to over 70 per cent of her body and has had more than 100 operations.

Finally, university student Chloe, 22, has a port wine stain that also affects her sight in one eye.

My Facial Disfigurement

Chloe is coming to terms with her birth marks

In a world obsessed with looks, it takes huge bravery to face the world when your face doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

TV Times rating: ****