Killing Eve - BBC1

Villanelle and Konstantin in Killing Eve
(Image credit: BBC/Sid Gentle)

In this week's Killing Eve, while Eve is pursuing Villanelle, little does she realise that the psychopathic charmer has designs on her husband

If series one of the BAFTA-winning Killing Eve was a game of cat and mouse – with Eve starting off as a wee timid creature and becoming more of a hunter as time went on – series two, we can now clearly see, has another agenda. It’s a weird love story.

"I can identify with that human thing of being obsessed with someone," Sandra Oh told TV Times. "That terrible, eating feeling... I’m sure everyone has a tale they don’t wanna tell."

Villanelle with Niko's teacher colleague

A disguised Villanelle has a little word with one of Niko's colleagues

Tonight, as Eve and Villanelle (Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer) increasingly fall for each other, the psychopathic assassin pays a visit to the London school where Eve’s husband Niko teaches, and – with the help of yet another new disguise and accent – tries to nudge him towards an affair with a fellow teacher.

Konstantin, meanwhile, is keen to get Villanelle away from Raymond (the brilliantly nasty Adrian Scarborough). But what exactly are his motives?

TV Times rating: ****