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Locke - Channel 4

(Image credit: © Lionsgate)

Tom Hardy is on spellbinding form in this gripping drama

Tom Hardy is on spellbinding form in this gripping drama.

You would not think a film in which a man simply drives at night from Birmingham to London could possibly be interesting, but Hardy proves hypnotic company in this unusual road movie from Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight.

Speaking into his hands-free phone to unseen colleagues and loved ones on the eve of a major work project, Hardy's building-site manager Ivan Locke initially appears a figure of unruffled calm.

Yet as his 90-minute journey unfolds in real time it slowly becomes apparent that his personal and professional lives are unravelling.

Hardy's solo turn is a tour de force, but the voices at the other end of the line - Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson and Andrew Scott among them - all make vivid impressions in this compelling psychological drama.