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Neighbours spoilers: Ned Willis and Bea Nilsson have a secret rendezvous

Neighbours, Ned Willis

Still at odds with older sister Elly, Bea strikes up a friendship with Elly's ex-boyfriend Ned and the pair begin taking moonlit walks together

Convinced she is being followed by creepy ex-fiance Finn, Bea is relieved when she bumps into neighbour Ned, who safely walks her back home to Ramsay Street. But what is Ned doing out on the streets so late?

As the pair return home, Bea shares her woes about Finn, Elly and her mum Liz, as Ned happily listens. The pair plan another moonlit walk together. But how will Elly react if she finds out Bea is sneaking off at night with Elly's ex fella Ned?

Shane is in big trouble with his wife Dipi when video footage of him threatening Marisa surfaces. Dipi is shocked when she discovers how Shane framed Marisa for the vandalised Christmas In July posters, to protect their youngest daughter Kirsha. The video of Shane doesn't go down well with Lassiters bosses Paul and Terese, who promptly drop the Sharma-Rebecchi family as the Face of Lassiters and cancel the performance of Dipi's musical Flapper at The Waterhole.

And when Sonya sees how stressed-out hubby Toadie is looking after baby Hugo and juggling his legal practice workload, Sonya makes her nursery employee Piper a surprise job offer!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5