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Secret Nazi Bases – Yesterday

Secret Nazi Bases
(Image credit: UKTV)

Yesterday’s new six-part documentary series Secret Nazi Bases uncovers some amazing hidden structures built by Hitler’s men

In June 1940, Hitler had a toehold on British soil – he occupied Guernsey in the Channel Islands, and within 14 months Guernsey had become the most fortified island on Earth with 900 concrete structures peppered along its coastline including bunkers, towers, anti-aircraft sites and a labyrinthine network of tunnels. Some of  these are featured in the first of Yesterday’s new documentary series Secret Nazi Bases (for full listings, see our TV Guide).

The huge cost and complex logistics of transporting all the materials, labour and 12,000 soldiers to the resource-poor island began to baffle Hitler’s high command.

Secret Nazi Bases

Hitler filled Guernsey with tunnels, towers and bunkers, as we see in Yesterday’s Secret Nazi Bases

Why was the Führer so obsessed with Guernsey?

Did he have a more nefarious plan for the sleepy isle?

Experts analyse their findings… 

TV Times rating: ***