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Shirley helps Carol face her fears

Carol faces a backlash after her revelation that she slept with Buster. Refusing to hear Buster's version of events, Shirley wants to wash her hands of him. When Derek from Child Services visits, however, they're forced to put on a united front as they talk about Jade. Learning she doesn't need to be with Buster to see Jade, Shirley dumps him, forcing a guilty Carol to confess that she lied, as all they did was talk.

Shirley is in a rage, following Carol back home. After a furious row they start to confide in each other. When Carol admits she finds herself repulsive after her mastectomy, Shirley is uncharacteristically sympathetic. Learning that Carol hasn't been able to look at her chest since the op, Shirley encourages Carol to accept her body and be proud that she's beaten cancer. Carol allows Shirley to be there for her as she looks at her mastectomy scars for the first time.

Nancy feels bad for shutting Tamwar out of her life and tries to reach out to him. Things don't go according to plan, leaving both Nancy and Tamwar frustrated at being unable to express their feelings. When Tamwar leaves Nancy alone babysitting Ollie for Linda and Mick, who have gone out for Linda's birthday, Nancy has a seizure and collapses.

Also, Stacey struggles to respond to Martin's romantic gestures.