The Queen's Lost Family - C4

Prince Henry, Prince Albert, Prince George, Edward, Prince of Wales
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A three-part series looking at letters written by members of the Royal Family as it reinvented itself for the modern era

In three-part series The Queen's Lost Family, previously unseen royal correspondence sheds light on how the children of King George V and Queen Mary responded to the challenges of the time.

As the Royal Family moved into the modern era, charismatic Edward, shy Bertie, military man Henry, family darling George and daughter Mary embarked on a charm offensive to win over the public.

Edward was sent on a tour of the Empire, including a visit to India after the infamous Amritsar massacre by the British Indian army.

Harewood House King George V and Queen Mary Silver Jubilee 1936

King George V and Queen Mary at their Silver Jubilee in 1936

"Christ, how I loathe my job," wrote the young royal, who would go on to become Edward VIII and later abdicate.

"I feel I am through with it and long to die."

An interesting history lesson about the royals as they set about rebranding as the Windsors.

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