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The Secret Life of the Zoo – C4

(Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

Too cute! The little offspring of Chester Zoo’s residents are even more adorable

Mums and dads are in the spotlight at the country’s most visited wildlife attraction this week, as meerkat couple Beagle and Huskie become parents for the first time to four very cute balls of fluff.

Meanwhile, Chester Zoo’s long-limbed spider monkey Kiara has been a mum to Laura for a few months now, but still won’t let her daughter out of her sight.

So much so that her overprotective behaviour is actually causing the keepers to become concerned.

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE ZOO - shows spider monkey Kiara

Spider Monkey Kiara clings protectively to her baby

And African painted dog K’mana gets a well-earned break from looking after her (count them) seven adolescent pups when she heads off to see the vet.

How will dad Ville cope with the troublesome teens on his own?

TV Times rating: ****