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The Widow - ITV

Alex Kingston in ITV series The Widow
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As tense drama The Widow passes the halfway mark, the focus shifts from Georgia to Judith, a former colleague of her husband

In The Widow this evening, much of the episode is devoted to Will’s former colleague Judith.

Judith (Alex Kingston) is going through life-changing experiences in the present day and in a flashback to seven years earlier, when she had suffered a bereavement herself.

Happy Valley actress Siobhan Finneran guest stars as a mystery woman who unexpectedly becomes involved in Judith’s life.

She has a profound influence on how the charity worker views the world.

"My character is actually called Siobhan, which I found a little bit weird," reveals Siobhan. "She’s a piece of work!"

And Siobhan (Finneran, that is) lets us into a secret: "As I’m only in this one episode, I’m not fully aware of exactly how my character’s relationship to Judith affects her.

"So it will be interesting for me as a viewer to watch and see what happens!"

The Widow

Georgia's search for her missing husband intensifies

Elsewhere, with Martin (Charles Dance) trying to help Georgia (Kate Beckinsale) to find out the truth about the plane crash and the whereabouts of her husband. Dead? Or just missing?

And we hear more of the back story of Icelander ‘Ariel’.

TV Times rating: ***

The fifth of an eight-part series. Continues next week