'It's crazier than ever' Michelle Keegan is back for season three of 'Brassic'

Michelle Keegan and Joe Gilgun in Brassic
Michelle Keegan and Joe Gilgun in 'Brassic'. (Image credit: Sky )

Michelle Keegan is back starring in a third season of cult comedy drama Brassic, which has returned on Sky, alongside its writer and co-star, Joe Gilgun who plays jailbird Vinnie.  

Michelle stars as mum Erin, who is part of Vinnie's close-knit gang of friends, living in the fictional northern town of Hawley, who constantly get into scrapes and live life on the wrong side of the law. 

There are run-ins with bulls, arguments over strip clubs, encounters with giant snakes, and a love triangle that’s a constant source of emotional friction, as the series which also stars Damien Molony as Erin's ex, Dylan and Coronation Street star, Jude Riordan as Erin's son, Tyler, returns with eight new episodes. 

We caught up with Michelle Keegan, 34, to hear why this season is even crazier than the previous and to find out what's in store for Erin now that Vinnie is fresh out of prison....

What’s Erin up to as season three of Brassic gets underway?

"She’s taken over the strip club, the Rat & Cutter from Tommo (Ryan Sampson) and is trying to turn it into something more upmarket but Tommo is not impressed so we see him and Erin clash a lot. And there is still the love triangle going on between Erin, her ex, Dylan (Ryan Molony) and Vinnie."  

Joe Gilgun and Michelle Keegan in Brassic

Michelle Keegan stars with Joe Gilgun in season three of 'Brassic'.  (Image credit: Sky )

Tell us more about the love triangle and how things may develop between Erin and Vinnie?

"There’s always been something there between Erin and Vinnie  and there always will be and I think genuinely deep down, they do love each other, but they're also best friends. The triangle between her and Dylan is very complicated and obviously there is a child, Tyler (Jude Riordan), involved as well. 

"So viewers will see Erin and Vinnie becoming close and then holding back. It’s a push and pull throughout the whole season. Season two ended on a cliffhanger with Erin whispering something in Vinnie’s ear and this season we get to find out what she whispered!" 

TV tonight Vinnie’s out of prison and ready for a new scam

Vinnie is fresh out of prison in series three of 'Brassic'.  (Image credit: Sky)

The series opens with a ruse to steal semen from a prize-winning bull!  Can we expect plenty more craziness and animal capers this season? 

"Definitely. It's crazier than ever. The day we filmed with the bull was my first day back on set. It was a real bull!  In this season Erin’s involved in the lads’ antics, but she also has a great storyline with the girls as well, her friends Carol (Bronagh Gallagher) and Sugar (Joanna Higson) where they’re up to no good. 

"For me, it's my favourite part of the job. Maybe not working with animals, because I'm scared stiff but getting up to no good, that’s definitely loads of fun."

Vinnie and the lads in Brassic

Vinnie and his mates Dylan (Ryan Molony), Ash (Aaron Hefferman), JJ (Parth Thakerar), Tommo (Ryan Sampson) and Cardi (Tom Hanson). (Image credit: Sky )

Was being around the bull scary then?

"Yes, but you always feel safe because all the animals on Brassic are always very well looked after. We’re never shocked any more by what animals come into the series. We’re used to it now! 

"Erin was always the sensible character, especially when we first met her in series one. She was at college, trying to make a new life for herself and wanting something better for her and her son, Tyler, but now she’s a lot more involved in the lads’ antics which is really good fun for me." 

Damien Molony in Brassic

Damien Molony stars as Erin's ex, Dylan.  (Image credit: Sky )

Brassic is always packed with hair-raising moments and jeopardy. Did you have any alarming moments on set or any stunts to do? 

"For episode six (which revolves around Erin and her mates Sugar played by Joanna Higson and Carol played by Bronagh Gallagher)  I had to get into a moving car, that was pretty scary. "

"The car was reversing backwards and I had to jump into it which I was a bit nervous about but because it goes against your instinct but it looked good when we watched it back. 

"That episode was a week of night shoots. We were working until two in the morning in the freezing cold winter but it was good fun. I think the most dangerous thing was us having to run in heels on soaking wet cobbles!" 

Michelle Keegan as Erin in Brassic

Michelle Keegan as Erin with her Erin's son, Tyler (Jude Riordan), and her best mates, Sugar (Joanna Higson) and Carol (Bronagh Gallagher).  (Image credit: Sky )

What sort of reaction have you had from viewers?

"Such a positive reaction. I’m constantly asked ‘When is the next one out?’  And people are always quoting funny lines from it and asking what Joe (Gilgun) is like in real life. 

"It’s such a northern-based show I presumed that northerners would love it but I know so many southerners who love it too. As soon as anyone mentions Brassic to me, I feel my face light up, because I know how funny the show is. And it's such a brilliant series to work on because we are all really good mates. It just makes me feel really proud being part of it." 

Erin’s son, Tyler is played by Jude Riordan who also stars in Coronation Street and was recently crowned Best Newcomer at the National TV Awards. Tell us about working with Jude…

"From day one, Jude has just been the most professional person. If any of us forget a line, he’ll tell us what it is! I think he was eight when he started on Brassic and he’s  just such a dream to work with, he’s polite and he brings it every time.  

"We've got a really good episode together when we went to Wales and we’re on a boat in the middle of the sea. It was freezing and Jude didn't moan once he just got on with it. I’m so proud to be working with him. He’s a lovely young man and we’re very lucky to have him." 

All episodes of Brassic 3 will be available to watch from Wed 6 Oct. on Sky Max and streaming service Now 

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