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Max Macmillan — things you didn't know about the 'Call the Midwife' actor

Call the Midwife
Max Macmillan with co-stars Stephen McGann and Laura Main in Call the Midwife. (Image credit: BBC)

Max Macmillan is known for his role as Timothy Turner in hit BBC series Call the Midwife. His character is the only son of Dr Patrick Turner and his late wife Marianne Parker Turner, and he has been in the series since Season 2, where he's introduced in the 2012 Christmas Special.

Call the Midwife is Max's first major acting role, as he has played Dr Turner's son from season 2 all the way up to Season 9. Fans have seen him age up on screen, and his character is now 18 years old as of the most recent episodes.

Here's everything you need to know about Max as Call the Midwife 2021 arrives...

1. Max is a talented pianist 

Max showed off his piano skills in a performance for Curtain Up In Crisis via a Facebook Live stream. The performance was in aid of National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal, and viewers were encouraged to donate during the live stream.

2. He directed a music video

Max directed his first music video for Manchester-based folk singer-songwriter Ade Fabola, who simply goes by "Ade" in his music career. Describing the song, Max said: "It's an amazing song about trying to be positive in a stressful world, and I hope it brings you all positive vibes."

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3. Call the Midwife is his breakout role

In an interview called Growing up as Timothy Turner, Max opened up about his experience with his first ever acting role of Call the Midwife. He revealed that he'd been able to work around school, and was able to attend classes as well as starring as Timothy. 

Stephen McGann, who plays Dr Turner, added: "When you first arrived you were this little boy, and you're watching the natural progression of a family with a son," before joking he was now at the "difficult teenage stage". 

4. He starred in a film called The Song of Names

Max played Peter Stemp in the 2019 film The Song of Names, which follows the disappearance of a violin prodigy and an Englishman who travels throughout Europe to find him. Tim Roth, Eddie Izzard, and Stanley Townsend also star in the film.

5. Max can draw

Previously, Max has shared some of his artwork to Instagram, and seems to enjoy sketching with pencils. He took to Twitter to share a sketch he did of the Call the Midwife set in 2020.

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Max Macmillan's Fact File.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the actor.

How old is he?

Max is 20 years old, but his birthday has not been publicly disclosed. He is the son of bestselling author Gilly Macmillan.

Is he married? 

No, Max isn't married and his relationship status is unknown.

Does he have children?

Max does not have children.

Where was he born?

Max was born in Bristol, UK.

How tall is he?

Max is 5ft 2 inches tall.

Twitter: @MaxMacmillan2