Megan McCubbin — things you didn’t know about the zoologist and wildlife presenter

Megan McCubbin has gone from Springwatch to Animal Park.
Megan McCubbin has gone from Springwatch to Animal Park. (Image credit: BBC)

Wildlife expert and presenter Megan McCubbin is joining popular BBC1 series Animal Park and as a passionate zoologist, she can’t wait to join Kate Humble and Ben Fogle at Longleat Safari Park. 

On joining Animal Park, Megan says: "I am so excited to be joining the Animal Park team. I remember watching the show as a child so it's very special to be a part of the programme, helping to enthuse and excite about some of the most remarkable species we share our planet with!

“I have loved getting to know the residents of the park, learning about their characters and their behavior. They truly are wonderful ambassadors for their wild cousins."

You might recognize Megan from "The Watches" — Springwatch, Winterwatch and Autumnwatch — but they are not the only strings to her bow. Here are some facts that might surprise you about the wildlife presenter…

1. Chris Packham is her stepdad

Chris Packham first met Megan McCubbin when she was two-years-old after he fell for her mother, nurse Jo McCubbin. Although Chris and Jo split when Megan was 12, she remained close to her stepfather and moved in with him during lockdown as Jo felt it would be safer, given that she was a frontline worker. So it’s little wonder Megan is so passionate about wildlife. Megan has helped with Chris’ environmental campaigns and often joins him on protest marches. “We complement each other really well and have a good time. We’ve got a similar sense of humour,” she says. 

Chris Packham has been Megan's stepdad since she was two.

Chris Packham has been Megan's stepdad since she was two. (Image credit: BBC)

2. Megan and Chris Packham wrote a book together

In November 2020 Megan and Chris released the book Back To Nature: How to love life – and save it. They also read the audiobook together, which will be available this winter. “Essentially it’s a handbook with practical solutions for people to help bring wildlife back to a sustainable level and invite it into their outdoor spaces," says Megan. 

3. She’s presented Springwatch and other wildlife shows

Megan joined BBC1's Springwatch in 2020, alongside stepdad Chris, and also presents Autumnwatch and Winterwatch. Megan made the series Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer on BBC2 with her stepdad Chris Packham in 2021 and presented the show Planet Defenders the same year. She also fronted the mini-series Nurture Your Nature on This Morning

Chris Packham and stepdaughter Megan McCubbin.

Megan made the series Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer on BBC2 with her stepdad Chris Packham in 2021. (Image credit: BBC)

4. She’s an expert in apes 

Megan studied BSc Zoology at the University of Liverpool where she specialised in primate behaviour and conservation. Her final thesis was about the behaviour of ring-tailed lemurs. 

Megan is an expert on ring tailed lemurs.

Megan is an expert on ring tailed lemurs. (Image credit: Getty)

5. Megan has fronted an important environmental documentaries

During her career Megan has reported on environmental issues such as plastic production and she covered the social movement Extinction Rebellion for the series Earthrise. In 2017 she travelled to Vietnam to present her first TV show Undercover Tourist: Inside the Illegal Bear Bile Market for BBC3.

6. Conservation is her passion

Megan has volunteered in China, helping to rescue and rehabilitate bears trapped in the bear bile farming market, and worked with rescued big cats at the Isle of Wight Zoo. She’s helped rescued animals transition to life in sanctuaries and worked in Namibia helping with big cat conservation and teaching environmental education workshops. She also spent five months with the scientists at Bimini Biological Field Station (Sharklab) in The Bahamas studying different shark species. On top of all that, she’s also the co-founder of Wildlife Rebellion, alongside Chris.

7. She won a prestigious photography award

In 2007 Megan won the RSPCA’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for the under 12s. She’s been taking photos of wildlife since she was tiny and still does. She’s renowned for her Antarctic photography. 

8. She appeared on Pointless

Megan was a guest on the TV quiz show Pointless Celebrities in early 2022. She’s also been on the music-based quiz The Hit List, which is fronted by Marvin and Rochelle Humes.  

Pointless hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman

Megan has taken part in Pointless (Image credit: BBC/Remarkable Television, an Endemol UK company/Matt Frost)

9. She’s dyslexic

Megan has overcome her struggles with dyslexia to have a successful television and academic career. Talking about studying for her zoology degree she has said, "It was definitely hard. The maths and the chemistry were a challenge but it’s about persevering and doing what you can. I genuinely found it all so exciting and wanted to know more, so I stuck at it."

Megan McCubbin Fact File

How old is Megan McCubbin?

Megan was born in 1995 so she's around 27

Is Megan McCubbin single?

We believe Megan is single at the moment as she has not shared anything regarding a partner.

* We work hard to ensure that all information is correct. Facts that change over time, such as age, will be correct, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of the most recent article update.

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