Morven Christie — things you didn't know about Payback star

Scottish actress Morven Christie
Morven Christie's latest part is in Payback (Image credit: Getty Images)

Morven Christie is back on our screens with Payback, which is on ITV1 and ITVX.

Payback sees Christie play Lexie Noble, who gets mixed up in a perilous police operation to bring down a notorious crime lord, Cal Morris. 

She's also well known for parts in The Bay, The A Word, Silent Witness, Death in Paradise (she was Humphrey's ex-wife!) and Doctor Who.

She has become a fan favourite in the world of British TV, making her debut in a 2004 episode of Doctors

But how much do you know about the Scottish actress? From being a ski instructor to her interest in unlikeable onscreen characters, here are some facts about Morven Christie...

1. Morven Christie likes playing unlikeable characters.

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Morven in Payback (Image credit: ITV)

Morven enjoys taking on roles that are a bit more complex as she believes that's a reflection of real people, rather than characters that are easy to like. In an interview with The Telegraph, she said: “I’ve never wanted to play the pretty girlfriend role because that’s just completely patronising in my mind. Women are complicated, they can be strong, tough, soft, smart, challenging and everything rolled into one. We’re not always nice and smiley, or the sexual fantasy. I’m definitely not.”

2. She had lots of different jobs before becoming an actress including being a ski instructor!

After leaving school, Morven kept herself busy and earning by taking on lots of different jobs before eventually becoming an actress. She told The Scotsman: "I had loads of jobs after I left school at 16, a ski instructor, waitress, shop assistant, ski boot fitter. I’ve always been a doing person."

3. Her journey to becoming an actress wasn't an easy one.

Once Morven decided she wanted to become an actress, she began a course in film production and journalism before switching to study drama in Edinburgh. Eventually she moved to London and joined a drama school despite having no experience in plays or drama clubs. She trained under Reuven Adiv at Drama Centre London.

Morven Christie as Isa Morrison and Pierce Reid as Alec Morrison in the production of Ena Lamont Stewart's Men Should Weep.

Morven Christie as Isa Morrison and Pierce Reid as Alec Morrison in the production of Ena Lamont Stewart's Men Should Weep. (Image credit: Getty Images)

4. She acted on the stage before the screen.

Before she became a household name on British TV, Morven acted on the stage. Her debut performance was in 2005, where she played Pia in Festen. This was followed up by playing Rachel in When You Cure Me. She has continued to star in plays, including her role as Isa Morrison in Men Should Weep and Lise in The Driver's Seat.

5. She's played police officers multiple times

It seems Morven is particularly skilled at playing police officers, as she's taken on the profession on screen many times during her career. Her first role was in TV movie Quite Ugly One Morning where she starred as Detective Sergeant Jenny Dunlop. She has also starred in Silent Witness as DS Sally Kirchner and as DC Lisa Armstrong in The Bay.

6. She always thoroughly prepares for roles.

In an interview with BAFTA Guru, she explained how she prepares for new roles. Movern revealed: "I read the script a minimum of five or six times, I take note of what other characters say about that character, and what that character says about herself. Then I decide which is true!" She added that she does a lot of background research into the character, so she feels "less like she's searching on set".

Morven Christie's Fact File.

How old is she?

Morven Christie is 42 years old. She was born on 1 September 1981.

Where was she born? 

Morven Christie was born in Helensburgh, Scotland.

Is she married? 

Morven Christie isn't married. She is reportedly dating musician Iain Cook of Chvrches fame.

Does she have children?

No, Morven Christie does not have any children.

How tall is she?

Morven Christie is 1.6 m tall.

Instagram: @morvchristie

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