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'SAS: Red Notice could be the new James Bond!' says Sam Heughan

SAS: Red Notice.
Sam Heughan hopes SAS: Red Notice could be the first of an action trilogy. (Image credit: Sky)

SAS: Red Notice could be a rival to 007 in years to come, claims its star! 

Bullets and fists will both fly in this film about Tom Buckingham, an SAS operative who springs into action when a group of terrorists hi-jack the Eurostar he's on, with the hope of blowing up the Channel Tunnel. 

Outlander actor Sam Heughan leads an all-star cast as SAS operative Tom Buckingham and with the character featuring in two other novels, he hopes there could be a trilogy of action movies to look forward to. 

"We would love to do more," says Sam. "The character in this movie only just finds out what he is and I think there’s a whole journey for him to go on. He's only just finding out about his psychopathy and who he is. There’s something set up towards the end of the movie, without giving away too many spoilers!"

Tom Wilkinson, Noel Clarke and Andy Serkis also star in this high-octane action movie, as Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black) plays Tom's terrorist nemesis, Grace Lewis. 

And with the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, not scheduled for release until October 2021, Sam thinks SAS: Red Notice could fill the void until Daniel Craig's secret agent returns...

"Dare I say, this is the Bond we actually need!" he explains. "This is a character that comes from authenticity, it comes from all of Andy McNab’s experiences. But yet we have this fantastical side to him as well, he comes from this great estate and he has great taste and finances.

"I feel this might be the new James Bond, a new franchise and a new British action movie we’ve all been waiting to see!"

SAS: Red Notice premieres on Sky Cinema on Friday 12 March in the UK. SAS: Red Notice opens in cinemas in the US on Tuesday March 16.