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SAS: Red Notice: Everything you need to know about the action movie based on Andy McNab's novel

SAS: Red Notice
Sam Heughan plays an SAS operative classified as a 'good psychopath'. (Image credit: Sky)

SAS: Red Notice is an action-packed movie based on Andy McNab's bestselling novel

The film features Outlander star Sam Heughan, who plays an SAS operative that must thwart a group of dangerous terrorists who hi-jack a Eurostar train, with the hope of blowing up the Channel Tunnel. 

With an all-star cast, this high-octane film might be just the thing to keep you going until the new James Bond film finally lands.

How to watch SAS: Red Notice in the US

SAS: Red Notice opens in cinemas on Tuesday March 16. 

How to watch SAS: Red Notice in the UK

The film will premiere on Sky Cinema on Friday March 12.

SAS: Red Notice plot

SAS: Red Notice.

Terrorist leader Grace Lewis faces a battle against Tom Buckingham. (Image credit: Sky)

SAS operative Tom Buckingham is taking his girlfriend to Paris for a romantic break when a group of mercenaries known as the Black Swans seize control of their Eurostar train while it is in the Channel Tunnel.

As the terrorists hold 400 hostages at gunpoint target the British government by threatening to blow up the Tunnel, an unarmed Tom must single-handedly thwart their plans and help the passengers make it out alive.

Despite being injured as the terrorists seize control of the train, Tom and his girlfriend, Dr Sophie Hart (The Stranger’s Hannah John-Kamen), are determined not to give up without a fight, and the leader of the Black Swans, Grace Lewis (Batwoman’s Ruby Rose), starts to realise that Tom is a little different from your average SAS soldier.

"Tom is a character we haven’t seen before," says Heughan. "Andy McNab has described him as a 'good psychopath' so he’s really unique and it was a challenge to get inside his head. I spoke to Andy about the character’s experiences in the military and how he discovered he has this condition. It’s an amazing action movie, but it’s also an intriguing character study."

With two more books in the series, Heughan believes that his character could return to our screens for more adventures.

"This is a character that comes from all of Andy’s experiences, so it would be cool to make some more of these films. I feel Tom Buckingham might even be the new James Bond — a new British action figure we’ve all been waiting to see."

SAS: Red Notice

Tom Wilkinson plays the leader of terrorist group, The Black Swans. (Image credit: Sky)

Who stars in SAS: Red Notice? 

Sam Heughan (Outlander) plays Tom Buckingham, an SAS operative who must act fast to save hundreds of civilians when terrorists hijack a Eurostar train. 

Hannah John-Kamen (The Stranger) plays Dr Sophie Hart, Tom’s girlfriend who comes from a completely different world, but finds a strength she didn’t know she had. 

Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black) plays Grace Lewis, the terrorist who leads the attack on the Eurostar train, but meets her match in Tom. 

Ray Panthaki (Marcella) plays Prime Minister Attwood, whose government has employed the Black Swans in the past, but is now desperate to hide their connection.

Tom Wilkinson (The Full Monty) plays William Lewis, the head of the Black Swans who is furious when Attwood’s government turns against him after years of service. 

Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) plays George Clements, the army operative who has dealings with Attwood and the Black Swans, but where does his loyalties really lie?

Noel Clarke (Bulletproof) plays Major Bisset, Tom’s commanding officer who likes to do things by the book and doesn’t appreciate his cavalier approach. 

Tom Hopper (The Umbrella Academy) plays Declan Smith, an SAS operative and Tom’s best friend, who will stop at nothing to prevent him coming to harm. 

Is there a trailer for SAS: Red Notice? 

Yes, there is. Get a taste of the action below! 

What our critics are saying about SAS: Red Notice

SAS: Red Notice is the type of action flick that wants you engaged with its narrative and its characters. There's plenty of shoot 'em up, bang, bang — don't worry — but there's also plenty of emotional engagement between the players and a story that has a lot more grey area to it than just "good vs. bad." The film struggles in quite a few areas, but its intent does grant it at least a couple of points. You can see what it's trying to do, and you want it to nail it. Whether or not it gets there? Well...