The Gathering episode 5 recap: did Bazi attack Kelly?

Sonny Walker as Adam in The Gathering episode 5
The Gathering episode 5 recap: did Bazi attack Kelly? (Image credit: Channel 4)

In The Gathering episode 5, Kelly is shocked to discover the truth about Bazi. As she heads to the illegal beach rave, Kelly's blackmail makes her another target in someone else's eyes.

Here's everything that happened in The Gathering episode 5...

Syria - seven years before

A young Bazi is seen cooking for his mother and sister in war-torn Syria.

Present day

Back in the present day, Bazi cooks for his friends at the hostel and leaves to meet random men, who are paying him for sex. Bazi meets the two suspicious men in the van again and hands them over the cash.

One of the men demands the rest of the money, otherwise he will never see his sister again and threatens to tell Kelly all about Bazi's clandestine activities.

The next morning, things are tense between Charlie and his dad Jules. Carrie instantly spots the awkward atmosphere between the pair and she asks Charlie if he's going to the illegal rave on the beach. 

She questions him about the row he had with Jules, telling him that she will talk to him while they are away on holiday.

It's revealed that Carrie knows that Charlie is gay and has been keeping it a secret from Jules, but he insists that their argument has got nothing to do with that.

"All this sneaking around, making up cover stories, it's not good for you," she tells him.

"I told you mum, when I leave for uni," Charlie says.

"I think he might surprise you," his mum reassures. "He loves you, Charlie."

Later on, Bazi meets Charlie at his house and pays him for sex. Meanwhile, Adam visits Jessica and she tells him she was spiked by Kelly. He is horrified by her accusation and is quick to defend his best friend.

Jessica is furious that Adam constantly jumps to Kelly's defence and things blow up between the couple as she ends their relationship.

Bazi talks about his twin sister to Charlie and reveals how she is stuck in Greece. Charlie suggests that his dad could help as he has dealt with refugee cases before, but this hits a nerve with Bazi.

Bazi tells him that he's found some people who can bring her over to the country safely and has been selling himself to get the money for the people smugglers. Later on, Tasha has an awkward run-in with Charlie's parents and he feigns interest in Tasha during a conversation with his dad.

Charlie convinces Jules to give him money so he can take Tasha away for her birthday.

Kelly's friend Sonny.

Bazi has been lying to Kelly. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Kelly arrives to give a statement to help her dad's case and the solicitor shows them a magazine article about Jules sponsoring a refugee football team to make his public image look better.

Kelly is stunned to see Bazi in the football team picture taken only a week ago and breaks down when she recounts what happened on the day of the assault. She reveals that she didn't see the alleged assault as Jules and Paul were hidden behind cars, but her dad had a bloody nose when he emerged from the scene.

New evidence comes to light when Kelly mentions that Charlie followed Jules and Paul behind the cars and may have even filmed the altercation on his phone, but he failed to tell this information to the police.

Charlie meets up with Bazi at a café and tells him that he can get him the money for his sister and expects nothing in return. 

Kelly offloads her worries about Bazi to Adam and shows him the football team picture with Bazi in it. She shares her concerns about Jules, Charlie and Bazi all being connected and Adam reveals that he knows Charlie as he was seeing a guy from the club.

Kelly is rattled when Adam reveals the rumour that Bazi was seen camming with another man in his room and believes he might be doing the same with Charlie.

Bazi has dinner with Charlie at his house and they talk about their first sexual encounter with a man. Determined to get answers, Kelly breaks into Charlie's house and sees them together through the window, but she flees when the light comes on outside.

Bazi tells the people smugglers that he will have all the money next week and tells his sister, Nour to pack a bag. 

While on their holiday, Carrie tells Jules they should step back and leave Charlie to make his own decisions. But they're interrupted when Jules learns that the lab results on Paul's t-shirt have come back inconsistent.

Jules cuts the holiday short as he needs to talk to his solicitor face-to-face and Kelly is stunned when Adam sends her Bazi's dating profile.

As the gathering gets underway, Charlie receives an anonymous text from Kelly with a picture of him and Bazi together. Kelly calls Charlie and blackmails him, ordering him to get Jules to drop the case against her dad otherwise she will tell everyone he has been paying for sex.

All six episodes of The Gathering are available as a box set on the C4 streaming service.

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