The Gathering ending explained and episode 6 recap: Kelly's attacker is revealed

Kelly (Eva Morgan) looks concerned as she's surrounded by teenage revellers in The Gathering
The Gathering episode 6 recap and ending explained: Kelly's attacker is revealed. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Drugs, drink and turbulent relationships end in explosive showdowns in The Gathering episode 6.

As Kelly fights for her life after being violently assaulted at the illegal rave, her attacked is finally exposed... Here's everything that happened in The Gathering episode 6...

Charlie calls Bazi that Kelly knows about them and can't go through with giving him the money.

Jules is like a dog with a bone and refuses to believe the results on Paul's t-shirt came back inconclusive. Jules is stunned when his solicitor reveals that Charlie filmed the incident according to Kelly's witness statement.

Bazi and Charlie search for Kelly at the beach rave, meanwhile, Natalie watches the coach on TV campaigning about how she's trying to make gymnastics more accessible for low-income families and says that Kelly is one to watch at the championships.

Jules storms into the house and frantically tries to get the password on Charlie's laptop so he can find the video of the attack. Kelly confronts Bazi at the gathering and they have a heart-to-heart. Bazi tells Kelly everything and how Charlie is helping him bring his sister to the UK. He begs her not to ruin it for him, but she demands that he gets Charlie to get his dad to drop the case against hers. 

Natalie shows up at the gym with a timeline of messages from the parents' WhatsApp group alleging the coach's abuse, including pressure cooker tactics, psychological bullying, body shaming and fundamental duty of care negligence. 

The coach denies it all, but Natalie brings up the coach's concerning track record with her club having the highest number of injured gymnasts and the highest number of gymnasts leaving the club with skills confusion. On top of that, a gymnast filed a complaint against the coach at her former club for coercing her into a move she wasn't ready for and snapped her femur.

Natalie threatens to destroy her and vows that Jessica will return to training tomorrow and take Kelly's place at the championships.

Vinette Robinson plays the toxic and controlling mother of Kelly’s friend and teammate Jessica.

Natalie threatens to ruin the coach's reputation. (Image credit: Channel 4)

During the night, Charlie's sister tells Jules the password to his laptop and finds the video of the attack, where it's revealed Paul punched Jules first. However, he's interrupted when a raunchy message from another man pops up on Charlie's laptop.

He clicks on it, only to be bombarded with naked pictures of men and then comes across Charlie's profile on the website. 

Dawn gets into an altercation with Vanessa for reporting Louis to the police, but she's completely blindsided when Vanessa drops a bombshell about Josh.

At the beach rave, Josh and his friends cruelly taunt Jessica by telling her that they've all seen the sexual pictures she sent to Adam. Jessica confronts Adam and furiously lays into him for sending the pictures, but he vehemently denies everything.

An intoxicated Kelly starts to feel unwell and stumbles away from the crowd. Josh comes to her rescue, but as he leaves to get Kelly some water, he's stopped by Jessica.

Jessica realises that Josh was the one who spiked her when he brags about roofie-ing girls with his friends. As she attempts to run off and tell Adam, Josh attacks her and leaves her unconscious. 

Kelly witnesses the altercation and screams for help, before running away. Desperate to silence her, Josh chases her and drowns her in the water as she screams for her life.

The next day, the residents are reeling as they watch the news about Kelly being found unresponsive after the rave at Hilbre Island. 

Jules is cold towards Bazi when he sees him sitting with Charlie and he furiously lashes out at his son once he leaves. He refuses to believe Charlie is gay and confronts Charlie on why he kept the video a secret, to which Charlie spits back that he deserved it.

Dawn and Louis are disgusted as they watch a video of a girl being assaulted on Josh's laptop as he walks in with a bloody nose. All the while, Natalie is comforting a traumatised Jessica who promises Josh will be punished for what he's done.

The Gathering is a Channel 4 thriller about a shocking crime on a party island.

Kelly's attacker is exposed at the illegal beach rave. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Jessica reveals that they need to do something as Josh has stolen explicit footage of her off Adam's phone.

Adam visits Kelly in hospital and she reveals that she can't compete anymore as they've taken her spleen out. Although she told her dad that she couldn't remember who attacked her, Kelly wants Adam to be the first to know before she gives a statement and tells him that Josh attacked her.

She also reveals all about him spiking Jessica at his dad's party and a devastated Adam understands that she must tell the police everything.

Adam finds his dad smashing up Josh's phone and laptop and setting them on fire. Adam comes face-to-face with Josh as his brother's inner turmoil and hatred comes crashing down. He has become a part of the incel culture and has turned against women as he struggles to get a girlfriend.

Adam insists to Louis and Dawn that they need to get Josh to hand himself in before the police come for him. However, Dawn warns Adam that he and Kyran will be kicked out if he says anything about Josh.

Bazi calls the hospital to check up on Kelly and opens a parcel from Charlie, which contains a new football shirt and his dad's watch. Elsewhere, Adam and Josh go to the police station together as Josh agrees to hand himself in.

Bazi and his sister Nour reunite, but it's a different story over at the Deacon household as Paul gets a visit from his solicitor about the video. Paul tells a heartbroken Kelly that he lied about throwing the first punch and is going to prison. 

At the end of the episode, Jessica, Adam and Charlie go against their parents expectations. Jessica got chosen for the gymnastics team, but during an important performance she bravely storms off.

Meanwhile, Charlie says goodbye to his little sister as he leaves home with a backpack.

Finally, Adam and Kyran have moved in with Kelly, Tate and their dog after being kicked out of his home by Louis and Dawn.

All six episodes of The Gathering are available as a box set on the C4 streaming service.

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