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'The Pursuit of Love' 1.02 recap — motherhood, marriage and a new love affair

Linda and Fanny in The Pursuit of Love
Linda and Fanny are drawn to one another even when they're miles apart. (Image credit: BBC)

The Pursuit of Love is travelling at breakneck speed as we’re taken on a whirlwind journey of love, romance and foreign travel. But while Linda and Fanny might now both be married with children, their lives couldn’t be more different. 

Here are all our favourite bits of The Pursuit of Love episode 2... 

Linda and Fanny - worlds apart

While Linda’s marriage to pompous Tony unsurprisingly didn't stand the test of time, Fanny has married for love and not money and has found herself living a quaint life in the country with her doting Oxford don husband, Alfred. But soon Linda finds herself at the centre of the party scene as a society beauty with the eccentric Lord Merlin, while Fanny is at home in her cottage striving to be the perfect wife and mother, and we couldn't love her more for it. 

Linda and Fanny in The Pursuit of Love

Fanny and Linda's lives are going in very different directions.  (Image credit: BBC)

Motherly love 

Speaking of children, Fanny couldn’t be further removed from her mother ‘The Bolter’ who abandoned her as a child so she could carry on with her frivolous lifestyle, but while Fanny is proving the apple can fall far from the tree, Linda is starting to show signs of being like Fanny's mother as she flits from one man to the next in her quest to find true love, not to mention the fact her daughter, Moira, barely knows who she is. 

Andrew Scott as Lord Merlin 

The star studded cast have shone in episode two of this adaptation of Nancy Mitford's 1945 novel, with Lily James (Linda) and Emily Beecham (Fanny) stealing the limelight once again. However, we just love Andrew Scott as  the eccentric Lord Merlin, the best character by far in this brilliant drama, perfectly portrayed by the Sherlock actor. 

The Pursuit of Love Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott as Lord Merlin has got to be the highlight of this BBC adaptation.  (Image credit: BBC)

Linda’s new romance? 

Soon Linda’s left Tony and her life in a mansion to run away with a communist called Christian, who she later ends up marrying and living with in a Tony flat. However, when her new life takes her to France, she finds she might not be as well matched with her new husband as she first thought and soon discovers Christian is in love with another woman called Lavender. 

With her nose well and truly put out of joint, Linda flees France to get home to Fanny… however, she is stopped in her tracks by a mysterious Frenchman who rescues her from despair at the train station. Could this be the start of another new love affair for Linda as she continues her desperate desire to find true love? 

All episodes of The Pursuit of Love are now available to watch on BBC iPlayer. The final episode will also air in the UK on Sunday 23rd May at 9pm on BBC1. 

The Pursuit of Love will also be showing on Amazon Prime Video in the US.