Who is DI Karen Flitcroft in Death In Paradise? Is she the new lead?

A Death In Paradise still showing Jaye Griffiths in character as DI Karen Flitcroft, standing on the beach with the trees behind her
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A new detective comes to Death In Paradise this week as DI Karen Flitcroft (Jaye Griffiths) arrives in Saint Marie — but what brings her to the Caribbean?

In the wake of last week's shocking events, DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) is currently under arrest on suspicion of the murder of David Cartwright (Patrick Kennedy) — and in the grand tradition of the show, another detective has been summoned from the UK to carry out the investigation, hence DI Flitcroft's arrival.

Might she even become the show's new lead if Neville is convicted?

Who is DI Karen Flitcroft in Death In Paradise?

DI Karen Flitcroft works in the UK for the Department of Policing Standards, which is why she's been called in to investigate this case where the prime suspect is a serving police officer.

Upon her arrival, she wastes no time in informing Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) that, while she has no problem with other members of his team being a part of her investigation, this is very much her case and she does not want any interference in it. 

After examining Neville's file, the crime scene and the available evidence, her gut reaction is that Neville must be the murderer as nobody else could have got into the room where the killing took place. But will she be willing to approach the case with an open mind — or is Neville doomed to spend the rest of his life behind bars?

If Neville is proved to be guilty she might even become the new lead. Although we highly doubt Neville is a murderer!

Where have I seen Jaye Griffiths before?

Jaye Griffiths has been making regular appearances on British TV since her debut in the 1987 miniseries A Killing On The Exchange. She clocked up appearances in shows such as the Brookside spin-off Damon And Debbie, London's Burning, Harry Enfield's Television Programme, Drop The Dead Donkey, Peak Practice and Between The Lines, but her big breakthroughs came as DI Sally Johnson in The Bill in 1993, and then as electronics expert Roslyn "Ros" Henderson in BBC1 action series Bugs from 1995 to 1999.

Since then, she's appeared as Ruth Cole in ITV medical drama A&E, Dr Elizabeth Croft in Doctors, Janet Mander in Silent Witness, Jac in Doctor Who and as senior consultant Elle Gardner in Casualty.

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