Who was McTerrier in The Masked Singer US?

The Masked Singer season 7 Team Good
Who is McTerrier in 'The Masked Singer' US? (Image credit: Fox)

Who is McTerrier in The Masked Singer US?

The Masked Singer US season 7 has announced the fantastic costumes set to storm the stage and baffle the judges and audience alike. 

First up on The Good team is McTerrier — a Scottish Terrier wearing a tartan kilt. And unfortunately for McTerrier, he was the first to be eliminated from this year's competition.

Who was McTerrier? True identity revealed!

We now know that McTerrier was TV pastry chef Duff Goldman, which came as a huge surprise to the judges.

Nicole Scherzinger guessed Ewan McGregor based on his Scottish heritage, but it turns out the real McTerrier wasn't actually Scottish at all and hails from Detroit instead!

You can watch McTerrier's unmasking below...

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Who was McTerrier in ‘The Masked Singer’ US? First clue…

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The first clue for McTerrier is a blue and white guitar with a Union Jack sticker on it. Looking at the clue, could a famous British guitarist or rockstar be hiding beneath the costume? British rock musician Eric Clapton is one of the most influential guitar players of all time. However, being one of the world’s biggest music stars, would he be easily recognised by fans even after dressing up as a dog? Also, seeing as Eric is also prominent in the Blues music world, and as the clue is a blue guitar, could it be referencing a Blues guitarist rather than a literal rock musician? 

Another option could be musician Stephen Bishop, although he’s a San Diego native, he was inspired to get involved with music after seeing British rock band The Beatles and convinced his brother to buy him an electric guitar. He also formed a British invasion-styled band called The Weeds in high school and has even released an album called Blue Guitars!

Who was McTerrier in ‘The Masked Singer’ US? Costume clues…

The Masked Singer season 7 McTerrier

(Image credit: Fox)

Seeing as the costume is a Scottish terrier with a kilt, could the masked celebrity have Scottish heritage? Legendary British rock and pop sensation Rod Stewart has Scottish ancestry as his father is from Edinburgh. As he is also a rock musician, this guess also relates to the first clue of the blue and white guitar.

Also in connection to both the first and costume clue, could the masked singer be Scottish-born Angus Young? He formed the hit rock band AC/DC with his brother Malcolm and is also the lead guitarist of the award-winning band, earning many accolades for his sensational talent.

Or could it be international Scottish pop sensation Lewis Capaldi? Although, we're sure eagle-eyed fans would be able to spot him quite easily with his powerful singing voice.

The Masked Singer US season 7 will debut on Fox on Wednesday, March 9, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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