Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament: everything you need to know

Mayim Bialik at the Jeopardy! podium in a blue suit
Mayim Bialik is returning as host for the new tournament. (Image credit: Tyler Colden/ABC via Getty Images)

The Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament is a new twist on the beloved quiz show's traditional College Championship which will replace regular episodes from now until mid-March.

This 14-episode tournament will reunite a series of former contestants from Jeopardy!'s two Teen Tournaments in 2018 and 2019. In total, the Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament will see 27 former competitors vying for the chance to show off their newfound knowledge with the hopes of bagging a huge $100,000 cash prize and a slot in the 2023 Tournament of Champions.

Here's what you need to know. 

When does the Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament start?

The Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament runs from February 20 to March 9, with the 14-day-long tournament playing instead of regular episodes of the quiz show.

Here's a proper breakdown of when each stage of the competition will play out:

  • Quarter-Finals: February 20-24 / February 27 - Match 2
  • Semi-Finals: Friday, March 3 / Monday, March 6 and Tuesday, 7
  • Finals: Wednesday, March 8 and Friday, March 9

Who's hosting the Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament?

Record-breaking Jeopardy! contestant Ken Jennings and The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik currently share hosting duties for America's favorite quiz show. For this new tournament, Mayim Bialik will be on hand as the host. 

Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament contestants

Below you can find a full list of the young competitors taking part in each of the Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament Quarter-Final matches. Almost all are current undergraduates, though there are some recent graduates in the mix! 

If you're interested in seeing how our contestants fared when they first took part in the show, you can find their Jeopardy! Teen Tournament episodes on the Jeopardy! website.

Monday, February 20

  • Audrey Sarin: Senior at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo from Redmond, Washington
  • Maya Wright: Senior at Emory University from Peachtree City, Georgia
  • Rohit Kataria: Junior at Vanderbilt University from Wheelersburg, Ohio

Tuesday, February 21

  • Avi Gupta: Senior at Stanford University from Portland, Oregon
  • Jack Izzo: Seior at Northwestern University from San Diego, California
  • Alison Purcell: Senior at the University of Texas at Austin from Bellaire, Texas

Wednesday, February 22

  • Sreekar Madabushi: Junior at Georgia Institute of Technology from Basking Ridge, New Jersey
  • Stephanie Pierson: Junior at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill from Macon Georgia
  • Autumn Shelton: Junior at Princeton University from Lamar, Missouri

Thursday, February 23

  • Justin Bolsen: First year at Brown University from Canton, Georgia
  • Shriya Yarlagadda: Sophomore at Harvard University from Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • Teagan O'Sullivan: First year at American University 

Friday, February 24

  • Jackson Jones: Junior at Vanderbilt University from Louisville, Kentucky
  • Isabella Pagano: First Year at Cal Tech from Libertyville, Illinois
  • Ryan Presler: Senior at Brandon Valley High School from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Monday, February 27

  • Rohan Kapileshwari: Senior at The University of Texas At Austin from Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Claire Sattler: Senior at Yale University from Bonita Springs, Florida
  • Rhea Singha: Cornell University Graduate from Chatham, New Jersey

Tuesday, February 28

  • Lucas Miner: Junior at Yale University from Miami, Florida
  • Anish Maddipoti: Junior at The University of Texas at Austin from Austin, Texas
  • Audrey Satchivi: Senior at Indiana University-Bloomington from Carmel, Indiana

Wednesday, March 1

  • Tim Cho: Senior at Columbia University from Champaign, Illinois
  • Dan Oxman: Senior at the University of Maryland from South Orange, New Jersey
  • Eesha Sohail: University of California, Los Angeles Graduate from Bakersfield, California

Thursday, March 2

  • Hannah Nekritz: Senior at Brandeis University from Stamford, Connecticut
  • Caleb Richmond: Sophomore at Georgetown University from Bedford, New Hampshire
  • Maggie Brown: Sophomore at University of West Florida from Pensacola, Florida
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