Michael McIntyre show has been cancelled after one season

Curtis Stone, Kym Whitley, Tony Hawk, Michael McIntyre, Chris Kattan, Christina Ricci and Jackie Tohn standing together on stage in The Wheel US
Michael McIntyre's game show The Wheel won't be returning to the US (Image credit: Chris Haston/NBC)

Michael McIntyre's hit game show The Wheel won't be returning to NBC, as reports have revealed the US edition has been canceled.

Despite its huge success in the UK, with The Wheel having aired its third season, it wasn't able to land with audiences overseas when it aired in December 2022, with Michael McIntyre going stateside to film the spin-off.

According to TV Line: "Airing five nights a week over two weeks last December, The Wheel debuted to 1.4 million total viewers and a 0.2 demo rating, and finished with 2.2 mil and a 0.3 rating."

During its one-season run, The Wheel US featured some big celebrity guests including Yellowjackets star Christina Ricci, Queer Eye's interior design expert Bobby Berk, ex-WWE Brie Bella, and legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk.

There was some big moments during The Wheel US such as contestant Caleb walking away with $22,500 and Jordan winning $40,000, but the UK hit didn't do much to impress fans in the states.

Speaking about the cancelation, an insider told The Sun: "Michael was given a prime time slot and millions of dollars was put into giving the show the best chance to succeed. 

Caleb, Matt Iseman and Michael McIntyre on stage in The Wheel US

The Wheel has been a popular game show in the UK since 2020. (Image credit: Chris Haston/NBC)

"The channel also booked some major US celebrities like Christina Ricci, Ricki Lake and Tony Hawk. But sadly it just did not capture the imagination of audiences. American fans did not warm to the show or the contest."

This is no doubt disappointing news for those who did enjoy The Wheel US, as Michael McIntyre previously spoke to What to Watch and said: "Everyone seemed to want it after it had been on here for one or two weeks. It was crazy. 

"I had Covid when I heard America wanted to buy it so I was feeling very strange with a thermometer sticking out of my head, I was dosed up on paracetamol with all these Americans going ‘We love the show!’" 

He added that the experience working on the US version had been very different to the BBC show, telling us: "We had contestants bursting into tears when they were selected to play and there was about 45 minutes of apologies and reasons when they had to decide who to ‘Shut Down’."

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