Who is Phoenix on The Masked Singer UK?

Phoenix costume for The Masked Singer UK
Who is Phoenix on The Masked Singer? Phoenix set the stage ablaze. (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV)

Who is Phoenix on The Masked Singer UK? He came in second place on The Masked Singer UK season 4 — but did you guess who was under the fiery mask?

Once again The Masked Singer returned to our screens, meaning there were a whole host of crazy characters entertaining us each Saturday night.

Here's what we know about Phoenix including which celebrity was hiding under the costume...

Who is Phoenix on The Masked Singer UK?

Phoenix flew all the way into second place and was revealed to be Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson.

Judge Rita Ora was stunned by the reveal since she failed to rumble the identity of her The Voice UK co-star

After his unmasking Ricky revealed: "The nerves were some of the most intense I’ve had in years. I just really didn’t want to let Phoenix down."

Who is Phoenix in The Masked Singer UK? Songs

Phoenix's first performance in the show was a jazzy version of 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk.

Phoenix sang 'Loco In Acapulco' by Four Tops in the third week.

In the fifth week, Phoenix performed 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John.

Phoenix performed 'It's Not Unusual' by Tom Jones in week 6.

In the semi-final, Phoenix sang 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' by Frankie Valli and 'Grace Kelly' by MIKA.

In the final, Phoenix did his own rendition of 'Sway' by Michael Bublè, 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' by Elton John & Kiki Dee with Denise Van Outen as Fox and 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers.

Who is Phoenix in The Masked Singer? Show clues

Phoenix was given a regal introduction in week one. In the first clip, they were shown wandering around a very fancy estate and went to great lengths to talk about reincarnation and "following a trail", whatever that could mean. 

The judging panel seemed to generally be agreed that the person behind the Phoenix mask must be an actor as they were really bringing the character to life well on stage. Jonathan Ross made a convincing guess that the male singer in the costume could well be David Tennant; he's an actor who has played royalty and fits in well with the environment, he's known to be a fan of the show and he's just returned to a play the 14th Doctor in Doctor Who, a character famous for being reborn as a new actor every few series...

Whilst Ross' guess was a popular one online, Phoenix did perform with a strong American accent. Should we be looking elsewhere, or was this just to throw us off?

In week three, Phoenix hinted that they could be in the movie industry due to a clapperboard being shown, as well as telling everyone that Phoenix's are "mythical" and "independent" which made Mo Gilligan think that Phoenix could have been in an independent film.

Other clues included a football and that Phoenix never sets out to "tread the boards", along with two sticks of rock. 

For Clue or False, Phoenix's two clues were: "It would have been sweet to converse with a person passed" and "Time travel? I've completed it my good man." The audience believed that clue number two was true and Jonathan still seemed keen on David Tennant.


Phoenix set fire to the competition. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Phoenix took to the stage once again for week five and the opening to his clue package saw him looking at two golden eggs as well as slurping through a mirror ball cup.

"OK. Strictly speaking, clues, you want them, I got 'em. So let's factor them in," Phoenix said. Judge Mo thought that Phoenix could be hinting that they were in Strictly Come Dancing, while Jonathan thought of The X Factor.

Another clue was a paintbrush with a mortarboard hat and Phoenix mentioned that they were an apprentice.

Phoenix then said that they appeared in the most watched TV show in almost 30 years and he then flicked away a ball bearing with his wing.

Phoenix's clue song was 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John. The judges guesses ranged from David Tennant once again to EastEnders star Sid Owen, due to Jonathan pointing out the ball bearing clue and the fact that he played mechanic Ricky Butcher in the soap. 

For week six, Phoenix took flight once again with more clues, with his first one being that he had a fear of deep water, but was an avid fan of diving.

We were then shown a coach as Phoenix said: "Though, one must practise caution. Myself, I've lost shoes, watches, even been snared."

There was then a shot of a boom microphone nearly taking off someone's head, accompanied by Phoenix saying: "Mind your head old boy." Judge Jonathan thought that this could be in reference to Henry VIII.

Rose heads were then seen dropping off a flower arrangement, while Phoenix added that the place of work can be a treacherous place, but they lived for the thrill and wouldn't have it any other way.

The judges guesses included Anton Du Beke, Paddy McGuinness, David Tennant, Michael Ball and Tom Daley.

After Phoenix's performance, their number clue was 20-06.

Phoenix performing on stage as he raises his wings

Phoenix flew all the way to the semi-final. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Phoenix swooped all the way to the semi-final and his first clue was some blue pop being poured into a goblet. 

"Of course, I saw this coming 2012," Phoenix teased, with judge Davina McCall thinking that he could be talking about the Olympics.

Next, was an office chair stand and that Phoenix had a sharp eye that sees what's coming, what's been and what's behind it. Jonathan was quick to point out that Phoenix was probably referencing the past, present and future.

There was a variety of guesses from the judges, including David Tennant once again, Luke Evans, Mackenzie Crook, Johnny Borrell and Gary Barlow.

Phoenix's additional clue were the words 'Narrator' and 'Frequency'.

Who is Phoenix on The Masked Singer UK? Verbal clues

We only had one clue ahead of the series release, and it wasn't much help! "This bird's on fire! — it's Phoenix!" was all we had to go off. 

Who is Phoenix on The Masked Singer UK? Costume clues

Phoenix has a very vibrant, fire-themed costume that is decorated with feathers, but so far any additional clues haven't been revealed to us and we only have the first promotional image as seen above.

Our guesses ranged from Peter Kay due to his popular sitcom Phoenix Nights, as well as Dave Spikey, Neil Fitzmaurice, Paddy McGuinness, or Archie Kelly, all of which starred in the sitcom too. It turns out that our speculations were wrong once again and Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson was behind the mask!

Episodes of The Masked Singer UK are available to watch on ITVX.

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